Fresh Fridays, May 28

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Happy Memorial Day weekend! Before we get to all of the great potluck and BBQ food, I want to take a moment to give honor to those who have died while serving our country.

I deeply respect, honor and greatly appreciate their sacrifice as well as the sacrifice of their families. I hope we all take a moment to pause and give thanks for what each of these valiant men and women did for us.

Two New Drink Recipes

I have been having some fun with drinks lately and I wanted to share these with you!

Blueberry Gin Cocktail aka Blueberry Gin Gin Fizz

Get a load of this gorgeous cocktail, layered with fresh blueberry syrup, Ginger beer (or your favorite mixer), hint of mint and lemon, then topped with gin, Empress1908 Gin in this case.

Blueberry Gin Cocktail with skeweered blueberries, lemon twist and blueberries laying around.

Strawberry Refresher (non-alcoholic)

A light, bright and fresh drink that has two simple ingredients, making it so easy to make even for a crowd!

Strawberry Refresher on cutting board with strawberries around and slices of lime.

Memorial Day Barbecue and Potluck Recipes

I have loads of great recipes for your Memorial day barbecues, picnics and potlucks!


Main Dish

Sensational Sides


Don’t forget the carbs, I mean bread!

Thanks for hanging around! May God bless your weekend!

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  1. Thank you for starting with why we have Memorial Day. As you know, this is a tough one for my family and I appreciate your respect. And then you lay on all these incredible recipes!! I’ve got my eye on those cowboy baked beans. Yum!

  2. Happy Memorial Day weekend. AMEN and gratitude for our freedoms…we “bow down” and pause. Then there are all these GREAT sounding recipies…yummers! You alliteration for life covers it all:
    faith, family, friends & food! Blessings, b&j