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How to Make a Homemade Strawberry Refresher

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The Strawberry Refresher is a light non-alcoholic drink made with summer fresh strawberry syrup, lime juice and your favorite mixer. A refreshing mocktail perfect for a warm spring or summer day!

I recently made these delicious Strawberry Gin Cocktails and I wanted our younger crowd to be able to enjoy the same drink without the alcohol, mocktail style! Enter the super simple homemade strawberry spritzer.

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Gorgeous shot of strawberry refresher drink on wooden cutting board with pink straw and a strawberry garnish with limes and strawberries in the background.

Ingredients & Substitutions

How easy can this strawberry refresher get? I mean you want a simple, non-alcoholic, fresh tasting bubbly drink after a long hot day and this is perfect!

ingredients for strawberry refresher, glass with ice, lime, ginger ale, strawberry syrup.
  • Fresh Simple Strawberry Syrup | make this simple syrup ahead of time and keep in the fridge for fabulous drinks all week long!
  • Favorite Mixer | I am only going to give suggestions here, use your favorite! A traditional spritzer is made with a light flavored seltzer or mineral water, my son enjoyed this with Ginger Ale, I think it would fabulous as a Strawberry Lemonade with San Pellegrino’s Limonata, with a Lemon Lime Drink, Grapefruit Soda, Club Soda, splashed into limeade, you get the idea!
  • Garnish | Fresh strawberries and or a wheel of lime, makes a pretty garnish.

How to Make

This Strawberry Refresher is more than simple, once you make the syrup, it is simply at your beck and call.

  1. Pour 2 oz Strawberry syrup into a tall glass (16 oz) filled with ice.
  2. Top with your favorite mixer, stir and serve with a straw, top with a fresh strawberry, wheel of lime and/or sprig of mint.
pouring strawberry syrup into glass and second image pouring ginger ale on top.

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Strawberry refresher drink close up, with strawberry on edge of glass with straw.

More Strawberry Recipes

Fresh strawberries are so versatile and add such a bright pop of sunshine to any recipe!

strawberry refresher on fake green mat with strawberries on the mat.

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