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More About Kathleen

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! I am so glad you found The Fresh Cooky, we have been baking and making nutritious and wholesome meals and healthier baked goods since 2017.

I hope to encourage you to be adventurous in the kitchen, to try new things, to make it yours! I want to encourage people to slow down, make a simple home cooked meal, bake fresh goodies and invite family and friends to the table.

The short of it is though, my faith in God is what “feeds” me, read on for a bit more about our family, our values and our most popular posts.

Head shot, Kathleen "The Fresh Cooky" cutting fresh citrus.

Behind the Name

  • So why “The Fresh Cooky” with a “Y” you ask? Well, I love fresh food, especially fresh cookies (yup, a cookie snob) and it’s my hope is to encourage others to try something new, experiment, make it yours!
  • I LOVE to COOK! My husband will call me COOKY when I’m a whirling around the kitchen.
  • And lastly, well I’ll be honest, I’m a little CŌŌKY, crazy and corny… and I’m okay with that!

Here at The Fresh Cooky We Value

  • FAMILY | Family always comes first, and I love getting our boys in the kitchen! I come from a family of good cooks, my Italian grandfather owned several Italian restaurants; try his Secret Spaghetti Sauce recipe!
  • ORGANIC | All natural, organic, non-gmo foods are important to our family.
  • EASY | Whether you are making your first meal or it’s meal # 50,000, we make it easy with step-by-step pictorial instructions in each post.
  • TWEAKING | As in recipe tweaking, our motto is “Make it Yours“, if you don’t have a particular spice, leave it out, or swap with your favorite! Most recipes have tips for substitutions and variations.
  • HEALTHY-ISH | I try and use whole foods wherever I can, many of our recipes are wholesome and healthy, but I will admit to using a boxed cake mix every now and then!
  • GLUTEN FREE | our family is not gluten free, but my brother’s family is, as well as many of my friends, along with dairy free, so when possible I give tried and true options to swap out for food allergies.
  • HIGH ALTITUDE | I bake at 5,280 feet above sea level, and have learned a few tricks to success; when it affects a recipe, I will let you know and give you the alternate ingredients, but all recipes are delicious at sea level and everything in between!

Family First!

My husband, Brad and I have been married 21 years (read about how cinnamon rolls almost stopped our engagement!) we met later in life and didn’t waste any time starting a family.

By the fall of 2003 we had welcomed two boys into our family. Our boys are now 19 and 18 — 19 months apart. They fight a lot and are mean to each other, but I know that they love each other, deep down, really deep, like core of the earth deep. Now that we have a college student who loves to cook and bake himself, I love developing healthy recipes he can take back and make for his friends!

The picture below is just before I started the blog, keep scrolling for a bit more updated picture.

Picture of my beautiful family, our youngest was not happy about mandatory family pictures! HA! Circa 2016

We did the below picture quickly, with a timer on a tripod, not the best shot, we’re not in center, but we’re all laughing which is how we roll, so this is it! I love my family!

Pope family with four people, mom and dad with two teenage boys.

I’ve always loved being in the kitchen, it’s my happy place. It is truly therapeutic for me and I cannot quite explain it. I love making meals and treats that are wholesome and nutritious, mostly organic, sometimes decadent, interesting and practical for the everyday.

Guess what?!? I buy frozen meals to fill in the holes when I’m just too busy to cook, I’ve made my family mac n’ cheese (from a box) with biscuits (canned) and called it dinner (hey, I put out some honey butter for the biscuits and I’m sure I sliced a cucumber).

I am a regular, normal and occasionally hormonal mom, not a super mom. I get cranky, snap at my kids, and my husband. I need to ask for forgiveness….A LOT!

What I’m trying to say is, I’m not perfect, I don’t pretend to be and I hope you won’t either.

I love my morning time, spending time in God’s Word and praying while the house is quiet. I go to sleep early and get up before dawn, I try and cook a hot breakfast every morning (it’s still the most important meal of the day, right?).

I love walking; alone, with friends, with my husband or my boys. People open up on walks, I call it walking therapy, when I am not mixing up drinks, creating a new cake or improvising on an easy weeknight meal, you can usually find me walking the ‘hood or our local trails.

Marriage Mission Statement

“We want our home to be a place of refuge, comfort and safety; that all who come into our home would feel welcome, comfortable, always make themselves at home, and never leave hungry.”

But most importantly, I love Jesus – I am not perfect at loving Him, but I love that His grace and mercies are new every morning and I try and extend the same to others all around me.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope that a little of my joy and love of hospitality will leak into your life as well.

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