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White Mexican Cheese Dip

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Hands down this is my favorite white Mexican cheese dip, or queso mozzarella or queso fresco cheese dip. Doesn’t matter what you call it, there is no Velveeta in site with this amazing all-natural dip recipe. Mine is loaded with real cheese including mozzarella, green chiles, and aromatic Mexican spices.

There is nothing more perfect for a big game day, Super Bowl party, Taco Tuesday, tailgate party than a cheesy, gooey spicy mozzarella queso cheese dip! Unless of course you add this creamy homemade guacamole and blender salsa. This is Mexican restaurant queso people; only it’s homemade!

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Cast iron pan filled with gooey Mexican White Cheese Dip with tortilla chips and cilantro in background.

I’ve never been a fan of fake cheese. Have I eaten fake cheese? Oh sure, but I can’t say I feel good about it and so I’ve been on the hunt for a great recipe, that uses real ingredients — I’m pretty sure I’ve found THE recipe!

I’ve made and tweaked this recipe many times now, getting it just the way we like it and after serving for several high schoolers, young and old-ish adults at a party last weekend, the reviews are in that this is AMAZING queso!

And just in time for the Super Bowl!

Hand holding tortilla chip dipping in Mexican White Cheese Queso Dip.

Queso Mozzarella Ingredients

The full list of ingredients and measurements are in the printable recipe card at the bottom of the post.

  • Cheese | It wouldn’t be the best, cheesiest queso fresco cheese dip without cheese now would it? I use a blend of white American cheese (real milk, no oils), a handful of mozzarella cheese and sharp white cheddar for a bit of bite.
  • Half & Half | Is what helps make this super creamy!
  • Spices | Real Mexican spices are what provides the flavor and aromatics you are used to in Mexican restaurant queso. I use Red Pepper flakes, Cumin, Chili Powder, Nutmeg (yes!) and Kosher salt.
  • Herbs & Heat | With real cilantro, green chiles and chopped jalapeno, this makes this the freshest queso in town.

TOP TFC TIP | Prep your ingredients — once you start this recipe, you shouldn’t stop stirring! Chop, open, mince, dice, and measure.

Mexican white cheese dip labeled ingredients.

How do you make White Mexican Cheese Dip

I use whole milk, all-natural white American cheese from the deli; have them slice it thin, then it’s easier to chop into small pieces. There is no oil in this cheese like other American cheeses.

Pour half-and-half into a medium (heavy-bottomed) pot and heat over medium-high heat.

Once it starts simmering, but not boiling (it will crawl up sides of pan slightly when ready), reduce heat to low.

If using a cast iron skillet to serve, warm on low on the stove or in the oven.

In small batches add your American cheese into the cream, whisking until smooth before adding more cheese. It melts quickly, so keep adding a little at a time.

Once American cheese has been incorporated, start whisking your mozzarella and cheddar cheese into the queso, again in small batches. Whisk until melted and smooth.

You may want to add a little more mozzarella (or a little sharp cheddar, a small handful is good) depending on your desired queso thickness.

Don’t stop stirring and whisking the White Mexican Cheese Dip

Stir in the green chiles or chopped jalapeños if preferred, or go crazy and add both! Whisk or stir until mixed.

Add chili powder or cumin or a bit of both, ground nutmeg (optional, but so good), red pepper flakes, sea salt and white pepper. Stir well. See notes for other spice options.

Remove from heat and pour into a porcelain or ceramic serving dish or a small cast iron skillet.

Cast iron works great since you can heat them ahead of time and they hold their heat for a while, but not forever.

If rewarming is needed when serving in cast iron, return to the stove top over low heat, adding a splash of cream or milk; stir to blend.

You can also pour into a mini slow cooker for serving, it will keep it warm and smooth, stir occasionally.

Mexican White Cheese dip square image with fresh toppings and tortilla chips in background.

Suggested Toppings for Queso Mozzarella

Add all or some of the garnish suggestions below to the top of your queso; it adds a pop of color, but adds flavor too.

  • chopped tomatoes
  • fresh diced jalapeños
  • jarred jalapeños, whole or diced
  • fresh cilantro, chopped
  • red onion, minced
A cast iron pan filled with creamy Mexican White Cheese Queso dip.

Serve this Mexican restaurant queso with your favorite tortilla chips and use to drizzle on top of my easy Chipotle Chicken burrito bowls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is White Queso Dip made of?

I guess that depends on your recipe, traditional white queso dip is made with a milk product (I use half and half), white American cheese (not yellow), creamy mozzarella cheese and a bit of sharp cheddar, those ingredients along with traditional and aromatic Mexican spices make up the ingredients for white queso dip. With no Velveeta in site!

How can I rewarm my White Mexican Cheese dip?

You can keep your dip warm by placing in a small crockpot or in a heated cast iron pan. But if you need to make it ahead of time, refrigerate until ready to use, then either microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring until warmed. Or return to the stovetop, add a touch of cream or milk and stir until hot once again.

How long does Queso mozzarella last in the fridge?

Store our queso mozzarella in an air tight container in the fridge up to one week.

How to Warm Store Bought Tortilla Chips

I love warm tortilla chips. To warm spread a layer of chips on a cookie sheet and warm on 250º for 8-10 minutes until warmed or place in microwave safe bowl and heat on high 30 seconds at a time until warmed.

Invite some friends over, turn on a game, enjoy dipping pool-side, or serve over your favorite Mexican dish (try on burritos, tacos, cheesy enchiladas and in quesadillas).

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This recipe for white queso dip was adapted from The Cookie Rookie

The best creamy Mexican White Cheese Dip in a cast iron pan with blue and yellow tortilla chips and fresh toppings.
Serve with tortilla chips

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  1. I’m right there with you! No fake cheese for me! This was exactly the kind of queso dip I was looking for and it was a HUGE hit with my family! The spices are perfect!

  2. 5 stars
    We made this for a football viewing party this past weekend, and oh my word, was it GOOD. Creamy, cheesy and everything I want in a queso! We’ll be making this time and again!

    1. Heidi that is fabulous, so excited to hear that! I’ve made this numerous times now and it’s a HIT every time. Pretty sure just this weekend people commented they ate more than their fare share! 🙂 Hope your family loves it!