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Instant Pot Rustic Mashed Potatoes {Stovetop & Crockpot too}

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These Instant Pot Rustic Mashed Potatoes are loaded with incredible flavors; like garlic, Boursin cheese, spices, cream and broth for restaurant style mashed potatoes! The best part is they are done in a jiffy!

We are mashed potato lovers in our house, like these over-the-top creamy roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and we enjoy them with all sorts of recipes, like these Bangers and Mash or this juicy Instant Pot Turkey Breast.

Rustic mashed potatoes in white clay square baking dish with rosemary and thyme in the middle and thyme in background along with natural colored napkin.

These potatoes are perfect for holidays and potlucks, or anytime you want a (s)mashing (hee-hee) side dish to accompany a great meal. Try these with Beer Beef Stew or delectable short ribs or Shepherd’s Pie!

Creamy mashed potatoes with boursin cheese and garnished with fresh thyme and rosemary.

Or of course alongside a tender tasty turkey slathered with this amazing giblet gravy.

But don’t just reserve these potatoes for the holidays, they are delicious all year long and doable, since they done in less than 30 minutes, much of that inactive time!

Top down shot of Rustic Mashed Potatoes in a white square clay baking dish, with a silver spoon inserted and sprigs of rosemary and thyme in the middle sitting on a rod iron trivet.

Ingredients to Cook the Mashed Potatoes

  • White, Red or Yukon gold potatoes (I used all red for the recipe pictured), washed and quartered.
  • Garlic, smashed
  • Organic chicken broth

Not a big fan of the “rustic” style potatoes?

Then peel away, my friend! I hate peeling potatoes, plus I love the extra fiber, texture and nutrients the skins bring to the dish. But if you don’t like them, then do away with them!!

4 images left to right. Cut up red potatoes inside instant pot. Pouring in chicken broth with Instant Pot in background. 3rd smashed and peeled garlic cloves going into Instant Pot. Last pictures Instant pot set to 15 minutes.

Ingredients for the Mashing the Rustic Potatoes

  • Salted butter
  • Heavy cream or half and half (I used half and half)
  • Boursin cheese (any flavor) found in the fancy cheese section of most markets (substitute with 4 oz cream cheese or 4 oz sour cream or even greek yogurt instead – but you gotta try it once with Boursin)
  • Kosher salt and black pepper
  • Garlic Powder and Italian Seasoning
  • Fresh Chives or Green onions for garnish
4 Images, left to right 1. Cream, Boursin cheese, chives, salt, garlic powder, salt, Italian Seasoning with Instant Pot in background. 2. Potato masher inside instant pot mashing the potatoes with cream in background. 3. Boursin cheese, chives, seasonings on top of mashed potatoes. 4. Pouring cream into mashed potatoes with wooden spoon in background.

Assembling Pressure Cooker Mashed Potatoes

Wash and quarter your potatoes, add to instant pot. Pour chicken broth and toss in the garlic; secure lid, place in no-vent mode and pressure cook for 15 minutes for high altitude, 13-14 minutes sea level — quick release when done.

For smoother, runnier mashed potatoes leave broth in pot. For thicker mashed potatoes, drain ½ cup – up to all of the liquid, these will be thicker and more “rustic” in nature — both ways are great, just a preference. You may want to reserve what you drain off just in case you need more liquid.

Close up shot of rustic mashed potatoes with bits of potato skins showing through in a square white baking dish with scalloped edges and a sprig of thyme and rosemary in the center.

Using a potato masher mash the potatoes until no large chunks remain. Then stir in remaining “ingredients for mashing” until desired consistency.

Saving Mashed Potatoes that are Too Thick or Too Runny

  • If too thick, add a bit more cream or milk, or leftover cooking broth
  • If too thin, you can try to thicken by cooking them on the saute button (or on the stovetop) over low heat for a minute or two, but watch them so they don’t burn. Also many times just allowing them to sit for a few minutes will allow the potatoes to absorb some of the liquid.
Close up shot of rustic mashed potatoes with bits of potato skins showing through in a square white baking dish with scalloped edges and a sprig of thyme and rosemary in the center. Sitting on rod iron trivet on concrete counter.


Yes, you can adapt them both ways, they will (obviously) take longer, but I get it, that’s okay!

Close up shot of instant pot rustic mashed potatoes with sprigs for thme and rosemary in center with silver spoon off to right in a square rustic scalloped baker.


Prepare as directed but place all cooking ingredients (potatoes, garlic, & increasing chicken broth to 2 cups) in slow cooker crock, set on high 4-5 hours. Drain and reserve excess broth, return potatoes, garlic to the pot, mash and add “fixin” ingredients mixing in by hand, potatoes will be lumpy and rustic! May leave in crockpot on warm!


Place washed, quartered potatoes and garlic (do not add chicken broth) in a large pot filled about ⅔ full with water, bring to simmer, cook for 25-40 minutes until fork slides through potatoes, drain potatoes, reserving garlic and some of the potato water. Proceed with recipe as planned adding mix-in’s and mashing.

Pinterest Long Pin Best Rustic Mashed Potatoes. Top image top down shot of mashed potatoes in square white clay baker with scalloped edges, silver spoon with mashed potatoes on side resting on cast iron trivet. Second image top down close up of rustic mashed potatoes with silver spoon and sprigs of fresh rosemary and thyme.

I hope you enjoyed this easy, fool-proof, make ahead, Instant Pot version of the best Rustic Mashed Potatoes!

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