Healthy Recipes for College Students

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Healthy Recipes for College Students! Perfect for any college student, not just the foodie but any young person just starting out. Many easy, delicious and simple recipes that college students can make in their dorm or apartment.

My son helped cultivate this recipe round-up after his freshman year in college. Recipes from our personal test kitchen (by that I mean, my son’s favorites) as well as from other experienced bloggers.

Recipes that can be made easily with limited equipment and supplies.

Read to the end of the post, I give my best list of kitchen equipment for college students as well!

Pin with three images, crack chicken tacos, sloppy joes and buffalo chicken sandwiches, all easy and healthy recipes for college students.

I am excited to share with you this incredible collection from my fellow blogger and friend Anecia from SmartyPants Kitchen, she has put together this amazing post of 25 Cheap and Healthy Meals for College Students easy and quick recipes.


Delicious chicken gyros in tortilla with fresh tomatoes and sour cream.

I have a few ideas of my own, like original overnight oats recipe or a big batch of crockpot granola, or this chicken salad recipe; they make enough for several meals, and are easy to whip up.

Pin with image of bowl of broccoli cheese soup with words Easy Healthy Recipes for college students in apartments.

I hope you enjoy this journey through these 59+ healthy recipes for college students. Many of these recipes are easy, low ingredient, budget friendly recipes, sure to please most college students.

Healthy Recipes for College Students


Kitchen Tools for College Students

This college student cookbook, keeps popping up in all of my research, so it might be worth a look!

Let me know what tools and essentials have worked the best for your college student. 

Looking for college dorm ideas, money saving tips, student survival tips? Check out this post from parents who have “been there, done that” for a Back to College A Students Survival Guide.

Thanks for hanging out with me, be sure to comment on your favorite recipe or what you would like to see!

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