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Top 10 Recipes of 2019

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These Top 10 Recipes of 2019 are the most Pinned, Clicked, Printed and Saved recipes…by YOU! The best of The Fresh Cooky readers choice! And I couldn’t be more grateful.

I remember thinking when our oldest son was born in 2002 that he’d graduate in 2020! Yikes, we are here!

A great way for me to reflect on the year has been doing a little number and stats crunching, I am so grateful for each of YOU, because without you, this blog is not possible. 

Top 10 Recipes of 2019

Just like that, we leave 2019 behind and head into a brand new decade! The 20’s! 2019 has been a challenging, growth filled year for our family. I love looking back on the year, finding the blessings amidst the pressures of daily life. Have you ever kept a gratitude journal? It’s a great way to be reminded of the many blessings — big and little in your life. And a huge blessing has been YOU; visiting, commenting, making recipes and supporting The Fresh Cooky!

Top Recipes of 2019

Starting with number 10, working up to the most clicked on post of 2019

Best Recipes from 2019

Did you know I wrote 88 new posts in 2019! Here are the runners up to the top 10, each and every one a delicious recipe that I hope you might consider trying!

Thanks for joining me on this walk down Favorite Recipe Lane for the Top Recipes of 2019.

Are you planning on trying any of these recipes soon? If so, which one?

Which one is your favorite? Which would you try?
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Top 10 Recipes

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  1. Hi friend, as much as I would love to try that Cinnamon Swirl Bundt Cake, I’m trying to cut back my sugar after the Christmas festivities. So…I’m all about a good Chicken Parm so that would be my go to!

    hugs, Lynn

  2. Wow, these all look delicious! I just happen to have some ripe bananas sitting on my counter that I need to use….guess I’m making the banana nutella bread tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe…something different than my usual banana bread. Can’t wait to try it!

  3. The Potato Gratin looks delicious and I’ll be trying that. AND I keep hearing how good your Key Lime Pie is, so that’s on the list too. Happy New Year!! xoxo

  4. This is a very delicious top ten list Kathleen!! I still need to try your lemon curd and that cherry bomb cocktail.😉. 2020 will be a memorable year for sure!! I look forward to seeing what you create and hope to meet you in real life this year! Sending best wishes for a healthy and love filled year. xoxo