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Blueberry Simple Syrup

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Easy to make, versatile blueberry simple syrup. With 3 ingredients; fresh blueberries, all natural cane sugar and water, you will have a delicious blueberry syrup that is great to use in cocktails, mocktails, teas, on pancakes, yogurt and much more!

Why would you make simple syrup, let alone blueberry simple syrup? Capture the best of summertime fresh berries in this homemade syrup, then start your creative juices flowing! Read on for many ways to use this syrup.

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Glass jar filled with blueberry simple syrup.


Ready for it? Equal parts of:

  • WATER | I like using filtered water for my cooking and baking needs.
  • SUGAR | I use organic all-natural cane sugar for all of my baking
  • BLUEBERRIES | Fresh is best, give them a good washing, then toss them in! Frozen may also be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cane sugar syrup?

Cane syrups are liquid sugar that are a dark to golden brown color, with flavor hints of caramel and butterscotch.

Can I use other sugar in cane syrup?

Yes, I use organic all natural pure cane sugar in all of my baking so it is what I have on hand. I have also made it using raw or turbinado sugar, which will yield a darker finished color, but may of course use regular white sugar.

How long will Blueberry Simple Syrup last?

Most will say that simple syrup will last for 1-2 weeks in the fridge, however in my experience it usually lasts 3-4 weeks if sealed well. But the rule of thumb, if it smells funny or is growing fuzz, toss it! 🙂

How to Make

This process to make blueberry syrup could not be any easier!

  • Pour water and sugar into small heavy saucepan.
  • Toss in washed blueberries (or frozen), over a low heat, stir until sugar dissolves, simmer for a couple of minutes, BUT DO NOT BOIL. 
Process shots for blueberry syrup adding water sugar and blueberries to pan, and second shot after coming to a simmer.
  • Cool completely, pouring through strainer into bowl.
  • If desired, press blueberries with back of spoon for more blueberry taste in syrup.
Process shot for blueberry simple syrup 1) pouring syrup and berries through seive into bowl, pressing blueberries through seive.
  • Drain completely into bowl, if desired for a bit thicker syrup, scrape bottom of sieve into bowl, then pour into clean mason jar for storing. Will last in covered jar in fridge about 1 month.
Process shots for blueberry syrup, straining blueberry syrup from seive and pouring cooled syrup into a clean 16 oz mason jar.
FB Image of Blueberry Simple Syrup on white backgroudn with fresh blueberries strewn about and a spoon with some syrup in it in the background.

More Simple Syrup Ideas

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few to get you going.

Image of jar of blueberry simple syrup with spoon in front and fresh blueberries laying about.

Drink Recipes Using Simple Syrup

If you enjoyed this recipe for liquid cane sugar, please comment below and tell me if you made it plain or infused!

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FB Image of Blueberry Simple Syrup on white backgroudn with fresh blueberries strewn about and a spoon with some syrup in it in the background.

Blueberry Simple Syrup

Author: Kathleen Pope
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An easy recipe for how to make all-natural cane sugar blueberry simple syrup, great to use in drinks, cocktails, on yogurt, ice cream, sorbet and more!
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 3 minutes
Total Time 6 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 16 servings (2 cups)
Calories 53 kcal


  • 1 cup cane sugar, All natural, organic
  • 1 cup filtered water
  • 1 cup fresh blueberries, washed (or frozen)
  • Small handful of fresh mint, optional


  • Pour water and sugar into small heavy saucepan, add washed blueberries and fresh mint if desired.
  • Over medium heat stir until sugar dissolves, bring mixture to simmer, without stirring for about 3 minutes. BUT DO NOT BOIL.
  • Cool completely, in pan, then pour cooled syrup through strainer into a bowl, if desired smash blueberries with back of spoon for a slightly thicker syrup. Pour into clean 16 oz mason jar, storing in fridge.
  • Lasts about 1 month in fridge.


Serving: 2 tablespoons Calories: 53 kcal Carbohydrates: 14 g Protein: 0.1 g Fat: 0.1 g Saturated Fat: 0.003 g Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.01 g Monounsaturated Fat: 0.004 g Sodium: 1 mg Potassium: 7 mg Fiber: 0.2 g Sugar: 13 g Vitamin A: 5 IU Vitamin C: 1 mg Calcium: 1 mg Iron: 0.03 mg

Nutrition Disclaimer

The Fresh Cooky is not a dietician or nutritionist, and any nutritional information shared is only an estimate. We recommend running the ingredients through an online nutritional calculator if you need to verify any information.

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