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Bourbon Glazed Ham (Coca Cola Ham Recipe)

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Bourbon Glazed Ham is an oven baked ham with just a few easy ingredients for an incredibly flavorful and simple ham glaze! This unique Coca Cola Ham recipe is the best ham, easiest and tastiest recipe you will find! With a simple brown sugar glaze, enhanced with dijon mustard, Coca-Cola and Bourbon!

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Coca Cola Ham recipes with ham slices on plate with serving fork.
This recipe has been updated for a better reader experience, but the original recipe is intact and fabulous!

I am guilty of tossing my ham in a roasting pan and warming it for said period of time, then whipping together the gold packet of “glaze” ingredients, quickly slathering on top.

There is nothing wrong with that, but I typically only make ham for a special occasion, like Christmas and Easter and it just feels like it should be more special than that!

This is a slight modification from my friend Nikki’s, Cola and Mustard Glazed Ham recipe.

Why you will love Coca Cola Ham Recipes

  • 5 Minute Prep! How easy is that!
  • Gourmet Taste without all the cost and the fuss of a honey baked ham!
  • Delicious | a simple recipe, that yields amazing flavor!

There is nothing wrong with that, but I typically only make ham for special occasions, like Christmas and Easter. Last year I was on a quest to find a ham glaze that was easy, tasted great and did not take much time to prepare.

Image of whole ham in roasting pan, brown sugar, dijon mustard glaze ingredients with bottle of Mexican Coca Cola in front.

Simple Ingredients

The full list of ingredients is in the recipe card at the end of the post.

  • Bone In Ham | Preferably spiral cut ham, I try and buy an uncured ham without nitrates and nitrites
  • Brown Sugar | Use your preference light or dark
  • Mustard | any kind works here, I love the bite of Dijon, but yellow, grainy, or even honey mustard would work
  • Garlic Powder | Add’s a bit of zing to the glaze
  • Whiskey or Bourbon | this is optional, feel free to substitute with apple juice
  • Coca-Cola | the secrete ingredient! But please use the bottled kind from Mexico as they are made with pure cane sugar, unlike a can of coca cola which has high fructose corn syrup. Please do not use diet Coke.
  • Optional | add some fresh ground black pepper to the glaze if desired.

How to Make Coca Cola Ham Recipes

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F and allow your ham to sit at room temperature for 30-60 minutes.

In a small bowl mix together the brown sugar, mustard and garlic powder for the easy no-cook thick glaze.

Trim excess fat, remove the little plastic disc that covers the bone and score ham (in a criss-cross or diamond pattern). Place ham in roasting pan or baking dish at least 2 inch inches deep.

Pour glaze over top of ham, rubbing (using a spoon, spatula or your hands) into the cuts, crevices etc. Then, pour Coca-Cola into bottom of roasting pan (you don’t want to wash off the glaze).

Pour bourbon (whiskey) careful over the ham, not too fast, you don’t want it to wash the glaze off or just pour into bottom of pan.

Cover the ham with aluminum foil tented or with a lid to the roaster and bake according to the size of you ham.

Move the oven rack to the lower third of the oven, place your covered ham into the oven and bake at 325 degrees for 10-14 minutes per pound. Baking time will vary, but once warmed through, remove from the oven and keep ham tented and resting for 10-15 minutes.

Cutting around the bone, remove slices and serve with pan juices*.

*See variations below for a way to use up those ham juices for a coca-cola glaze.

Ham out of the oven with baked in glaze and flavor.

Do I Have to Use Bourbon or Whiskey in the Glaze?

While bourbon adds a beautiful, oaky, smooth flavor, you do not need to use it in this recipe. But so you know, the alcohol cooks out in the roasting; leaving behind the aroma and smoky flavors of the whiskey.

Feel free to omit the bourbon all together or swap out with equal portions unfiltered apple juice. A delicious combo!

Frequently asked questions

What does basting a ham mean?

Basting, by definition means; to pour juices or melted fat over meat during cooking in order to keep it moist. This works on any meat, not just ham. But for our ham glaze, since we don’t want all those great flavors to be washed away, it is an un-basted ham, though please pour some of those amazing juices over the top and over sliced meat during serving.

How Long Does it Take to Cook a Ham in a Roaster or How Do I cook a precooked ham?

The ham will take between 15-20 per pound in a 350 degree oven. So for a 10 lb ham you will cook it for 150 minutes, which is about 2 hours 30 minutes.

How much ham per person?

For bone-in hams, use ¾ pound per person as your estimate. For boneless hams, use ½ pound of ham per person.

Coca-Cola Glazed Ham Slices on plate with serving fork.

Variations & Substitutions

  • If desired, over medium-high heat pour the cooking liquid from the bottom of the pan into a medium to large pot. Once simmering, reduce heat to medium heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes until reduced and slightly thickened. Use this glaze or gravy to pour over the sliced ham.
  • For this recipe I have only used real Coca-Cola (Mexico), but you could try other natural cola drinks as well.
  • Run out of mustard, use 1 teaspoon of mustard powder in place of the prepared mustard.

Slow Cooker Ham Recipe

If you need to save on oven space for all of those fabulous side dishes, make this delicious ham in your slow cooker.

Follow the recipe as outlined for the stove top, then place everything in your slow cooker instead of a large roasting pan. Cover and cook on low for 8-10 hours until ham is warmed through.

Coca Cola Ham in roasting pan, cooked and glazed.

Recipes for Leftover Ham

Great ways to use leftover ham!

Whether you are making this beautiful Coca-Cola Ham recipe for a Christmas ham, Easter or just have a ham hankering, I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to check out this Copycat Honeybaked Ham. And I would love it if you would rate the recipe and comment below!

Long pin for Bourbon and Coca Cola Glazed Ham with images showing ham with glaze and Coca-Cola Bottle.

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  1. It is 9:15 in the morning and I am Jonesing for some of this ham! Truth…I’ve never cooked a ham before, but think the fam would love one. Going to give it a try.

    Thanks friend.

  2. Is there a way I could make this ahead of time? We will be with my in-laws out of state until the evening of Christmas Eve so I’d love to come home to a meal that doesn’t involve a lot of prep time so my hubby and I can just enjoy the night after we put the baby to bed. Thanks!

    1. Hi Brianna, I do not see why not, you would rewarm the ham anyway if you were eating leftovers and we did eat leftovers, the ham was delicious. I would definitely save some of the juices that it cooks in so that you can rewarm with the juices. That would be perfect though to sit down to after a long drive back home!

  3. Nothing beats a great ham… and I had to try this as soon as I saw the word cola in the glaze! Along with the bourbon it made this ham so delicious! Even my picky picky brother-in- law said it was a recipe keeper! Thank You!