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29 Tempting Ice Cream Topping & Sauce Recipes

Are you in for a treat! I’ve collected 29 tempting and delicious ice cream topping and sauce recipes; something for everyone. From the best chocolate hot fudge to rich caramel ice cream sauce, to summery fresh fruit compotes and toppings.

We love ice cream in this house; like my friend Tasia’s, Lemon White Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream, Circus Animal Ice Cream, my boys favorite; Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream or nothing plain about it…Old Fashioned Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

There is a ice cream topping recipe for everyone! Whether you are hosting an ice cream social, an ice cream sundae party or just an evening indulgence (ahem, that would be my family); have I got a sauce for you.


These ice cream toppings have been carefully curated; from easy ice cream sauces that whip up in minutes; hard “Magic” shell toppings to gourmet ice cream toppings, that take a little more planning. These popular homemade topping recipes are going to make you smile. Who doesn’t smile when they see an ice cream sundae bar!

So sit back, make sure you have plenty of ink in your printer and enjoy this irresistible collection of tempting and gourmet ice cream topping recipes!

Unique ways to use Ice Cream Toppings

I might be stating the obvious here, but there are more ways to use topping besides on a scoop of ice cream! Enjoy these delectable recipes!

Be creative, let me know how you use these amazing sauces! No longer 29 sauces, but 31 now and adding more ice cream sauce recipes every year!

29 Tempting Ice Cream Toppings and Sauces

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