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Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner, and I am already getting excited about all the delicious food and drinks that come with this festive celebration!

While many people assume that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day, it’s a day that commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

To help you celebrate this historical moment, I’ve compiled a list of our favorite recipes perfect for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta. These dishes will impress your guests, from zesty salsas and guacamole to refreshing salads and cocktails! So grab your sombrero and get ready to party!

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In My Life

I hope you enjoyed the salads I shared last week, be sure to check them out!!

I’ve been having a blast with my fellow foodie bloggers during our annual Mastermind retreat. But don’t worry; I’ll fill you in on all the juicy details next week! For now, I’m excited to share some fantastic Mexican recipes with you, so let’s get started!

Mastermind photoshoot from retreat.
During our retreat we had a photo shoot – so fun!

What’s on the Menu

First, we’ve got a Homemade Blue Cheese dressing that’s quick, easy, and oh-so-low-carb. In just 5 minutes, you can create a creamy and tangy dressing perfect for dipping your veggies or drizzling over your go-to salad.

An old family recipe from our favorite Italian deli growing up; trust me, once you try this homemade version, you’ll never want to go back to store-bought. So prepare to have your taste buds in heaven with every delicious bite!

Blue cheese dressing in jar with pretty silver spoon.

Best Homemade Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe

Making homemade blue cheese dressing is a breeze. Mix ingredients in a bowl, transfer to a jar, and refrigerate for a few hours to thicken and develop flavors.Easily make low carb too!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with These Flavor-Packed Recipes!

Add color and freshness to your Cinco de Mayo celebration with our zesty Mexican fruit salad. Featuring a mix of juicy mango, pineapple, juicy oranges, strawberries, and grapes in a light honey-lime Tajin dressing.

But that’s not all – we’ve got plenty of other amazing recipes to take your fiesta to the next level, including tamale pie, blender salsa, guacamole, Spanish rice, chipotle chicken bowls, barbacoa beef, and cheese enchiladas. So get ready to spice things up and celebrate in style!

Easy Mexican Fruit salad in serving bowl and fruit salad served in orange fruit cups.

Best Mexican Fruit Salad Recipe

This Mexican fruit salad recipe is refreshing, and bursting with juicy and sweet fruits that will make your taste buds salsa dance! Tropical fruits paired with citrus, strawberries, and grapes in a light honey-lime Tajin dressing.

Queso cheese dip in blue and white bowl garnished with jalapeños and tomatoes.

Easy Queso Cheese Dip Recipe

An all-natural, easy creamy white mozzarella queso dip recipe you can get behind! Restaurant style Mexican White Cheese dip is loaded with real cheese, green chiles, and aromatic spices. No Velveeta here!

Easy tamale pie recipe slice on plate with cornbread topping.

Easy Tamale Pie Recipe with Cornmeal Crust

Easy Tamale Pie Recipe with Cornmeal Crust is cheesy, beefy, tamale tasty – and it is easy too. Made with simple ingredients and tamale spices, this perfect tamale pie recipe is an excellent idea for your Cinco de Mayo meal, a special occasion, or any night of the week.

marble bowl filled with homemade guacamole on a wooden tray with tortilla chips.

Super Simple Guacamole (+ Video)

How do you make a super simple guacamole? This is not only simple, but healthy, and so easy. Whether you are making it for Cinco de Mayo or Taco Tuesday or just because you have a craving, it might become your favorite recipe too.

Blender salsa in a bowl, with a tortilla chip dipped in.

Easy Homemade Blender Salsa

This salsa is restaurant-quality and super easy! You throw everything into a blender and whir a few seconds, and ta-da! Amazing salsa!

Square image of vegetarian spanish rice in bluebowl with colorful felted wool trivet.

The Best Spanish Rice Recipe (Vegetarian)

Simply spiced, mild, and fluffy this vegetarian Spanish rice recipe is the perfect side dish for any Mexican dish. Vegan, gluten-free, kicked up spice options, one pan rice!

Easy, cheese enchiladas in white casserole with spatula holding up enchilada dripping with cheese.

Easy Cheesy Cheese Enchiladas

Using your favorite enchilada sauce, these cheese enchiladas are perfect for a quick weeknight meal! Soft corn tortillas filled with shredded cheese, diced sweet onions, topped with more sauce, and dripping with melted Mexican cheese.

Square image of Mexican Barbacoa Beef in form of street tacos sitting on a white plate with cheese, avocado, tomatoes and lime.

Best Mexican Barbacoa Tacos

Simple and tasty, Mexican Barbacoa Beef. Slow cooked in a savory, spicy (but not hot) sauce, with loads of fresh taco toppings. Make delicious Chipotle style Mexican Barbacoa Street Tacos.

Copycat chipotle chicken burrito bowl with chips in a cast iron pan.

Copycat Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl Recipe

Craving a Chipotle Chicken burrito bowlsor just looking for a chicken recipe with amazing flavor? Now you can make this copycat Chipotle Chicken recipe at home, this recipe is on repeat in our home! In fact, I double the recipe and freeze one for later.

Be sure to check out all of my Cinco de Mayo recipes!

Great Cinco de Mayo Drinks to Try

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these fun and flavorful drinks! Try a hibiscus mojito, hibiscus margarita, Frozen Paloma, Skinny Paloma Mocktail, or our 4 Ingredient Margaritas for a delicious and festive treat. Cheers to a fabulous fiesta!

Frozen paloma cocktail in frosted, salt rimmed glass with limes and a grapefruit wedge.

Easy Frozen Paloma Cocktail

Try our Frozen Paloma recipe made with grapefruit juice, lime juice, and simple syrup! This tangy and sweet drink is perfect for any occasion, and the frozen twist adds a unique touch to the classic Paloma. Don’t miss out on this crowd-pleaser!

Skinny grapefruit paloma mocktail drink in pretty crystal couple glasses.

Skinny Grapefruit Paloma Spritzer Mocktail

This skinny non-alcoholic sparkling grapefruit mocktail surprises you with a bright citrus flavor, using fresh grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice, topped with ginger beer. A Paloma mocktail that is bubbly, crisp, and oh-so-refreshing!

4 Ingredient Margaritas (Regular or Frozen)

The best, most simple and flavorful margarita, with a secret ingredient. This 4 ingredient recipe is so easy to throw together and always brings rave reviews, serve them over the rocks or freeze them for slushies.

Healthy Hibiscus Margaritas {Cocktail or Mocktail}

Refreshing and delicious and a little bit healthy too! You will love this delicious Hibiscus fruity and floral cocktail!

This refreshing recipe for a Hibiscus Mojito from thefreshcooky.com is perfect for summer patio sipping or a GNO. The minty, fizzy mojito is jazzed up with the tangy, floral, lemony flavors of Hibiscus syrup. #hibiscusmojito #mojito #hibiscussyrup #mocktails #hibiscus #summerdrinks #fallcocktail #summercocktail #gnococktails #craftcocktails #qdrinks #clubsoda

Best Hibiscus Mojito {Cocktail or Mocktail}

This All-Natural Hibiscus Mojito is the ideal summer/spring patio cocktail! Tangy, floral hibiscus syrup, refreshing mint, zesty lime, a a kick of rum, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the tropics! Omit the rum for a refreshing mocktail!

Fun Mexican-Inspired Desserts

These mouth-watering desserts are a must-try! They’re super easy to make and incredibly delicious!

Air Fryer Fried Ice Cream on plate with swirl of whipped cream.

Air Fryer Fried Ice Cream Recipe

A healthier and easy air fryer fried ice cream! No deep frying in hot oil! Crunchy and crispy on the outside, smooth creamy vanilla ice cream on the inside, the best fried ice cream recipe.

Best fried ice cream cake with caramel and chocolate drizzle, whipped cream and a cherry on top, amongst brightly colored plates and napkins.

Healthier Fried Ice Cream Cake

Healthier no-bake Fried Ice Cream Cake, using organic gluten free corn flakes sweetened with fruit juice, all natural vanilla ice cream, and no Cool Whip. A delicious frozen treat, that is a crunchy, creamy, cinnamon laced Mexican dessert. All of the taste without any of the fuss, no fry!

Mother’s Day Ideas and Deals

Thought you might want to see what people were loving from last week! These are the items that had the most clicks!

Clickable images are below!

Deals You Loved in Gardening and Outdoor

Clickable images are below each of the lists!

Did You Know?

Did you know Cinco de Mayo is not a significant holiday in Mexico? While it is celebrated in some parts of the country, it’s a bigger deal in the United States, where it’s become a popular occasion to enjoy Mexican cuisine and culture.

So if you plan to whip up some delicious Cinco de Mayo dishes in the kitchen, why not add creativity and authenticity to your recipes? Try experimenting with traditional Mexican spices and ingredients like cumin, chili powder, cilantro, and avocados to add authentic flair to your dishes. And don’t be afraid to try some lesser-known recipes and regional specialties to impress your guests and expand your culinary horizons. Happy cooking!

Weekly Inspiration

My husband and I watched this clip from the movie “War Room” on repeat this week; it is so powerful (and short!) — I hope you KNOW this deep in your heart!

Then we watched the movie, which we somehow missed a few years back — if you are looking for an encouraging film, reminding us of how we should pray for our families and marriages and the importance of mentoring others! So, so good!

Thank you, friends, for allowing me into your inbox each week; it’s an honor and privilege I do not take lightly.

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