Blog Anniversary Week 2 | Fresh Fridays, March 11

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Image celebrating 5 years of food blogging with the Fresh Cooky.

Wow, thank you for all of your fun, kind, generous comments. I loved hearing all of the recipes that you have loved! Not only is it encouraging, but it gives me direction on new recipes to develop.

Congratulations Colleen B! You won the $50 Amazon Gift Card and the Microplane! Reach out to me if you did not receive my email.

I have a little bit of everything in store for you this week; from a brand new Corned Beef recipe, more great St. Patrick’s day recipes, Daylight Savings Time begins and a great giveaway!

Our Week #2 giveaway is something you will LOVE, I use mine all the time, be sure to scroll down to see what I am giving away this week!

Here are a few of the recipes people said that they loved!

  1. The #1 recipe people loved was the Chocolate Chip Cookie!
  2. Coming in at a close second was the Key Lime Pie (drool!)
  3. Blueberry Crumb Coffee Cake (a family favorite, great regular or gluten free!)
  4. Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff was mentioned a couple of times.
  5. Homemade Vanilla Recipe with printable gift tags were a hit!

What’s New in the Kitchen

Baked Corned Beef Recipe with cabbage, potatoes, carrots for St. Patrick's day.
Oven Baked Corned Beef and Cabbage with Bourbon Glaze

Along with the start of Daylight Savings time this Sunday, we have St. Patrick’s day on Thursday of this week, and I wanted you to have this delicious and tender Oven Baked Corned Beef Recipe, brushed with a smokey sweet bourbon cider glaze.

You bake the potatoes and carrots in the same pot and I’ll show you how to roast the cabbage so it’s golden and filled with flavor!

More St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Recipes

We love celebrating St. Patrick’s day and over the years, I’ve developed several fun traditional and a few non-traditional recipes to celebrate!

Happy blog anniversary to the Fresh Cooky.

5 Year Anniversary Giveaway Week #2

For those of you who are just joining us, we are in the middle of my 5 year blog anniversary celebration, where I am giving away something fun to one blessed winner each week! Want to read more about it, check out last weeks Fresh Friday’s post.

On to the giveaway!

Week #2 | One winner will receive a brand new 6 qt Instant Pot! So you can try my IP Oatmeal or my top Instant Pot Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya.

How to Enter the Giveaway

Comment at the bottom of the post, answering this question:

What is one recipe or dish that is unique to the state you live in?

This giveaway is just for you, my readers; as a huge thank you for 5 years and growing!

One winner per week, giveaway #2 will be open until Wednesday, March 16 at 12 pm MST. Winner will be chosen using a random name picker and will be notified via email and announced next Friday.

Week 2 of the Fresh Cooky giveaway with Instant Pot giveaway.

Daylight Savings Time Begins

Don’t forget to Spring Forward this weekend, set your clocks forward one hour on Saturday night. That is if you are are in a state that observes Daylight Savings Time, if you do not, I envy you! 🙂

Song of the week

The song for this week is Even If, by Mercy Me — enjoy the video, the story behind it is pretty incredible as well; I am so grateful that we can put our hope in God alone.

I love you kind comments, encouragement and questions! Pop down below or reply to the email.

With joy and hope,

signature of Kathleen, The Fresh Cooky Recipe developer

P.S. Be sure to browse through last weeks Fresh Fridays for more great recipes!

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  1. We are so lucky to have Palisade Peaches in our state! They are the best peaches! The only peaches I buy the entire year are the Palisade peaches that we get for such a short time. I love making Peach and Mozzarella Caprese to go with whatever I make for dinner. I can throw it together so quickly, just peaches, fresh mozzarella or burrata, salt and pepper, some fresh basil and a drizzle of balsalmic glaze!! YUMMO!

  2. Hello sweet friend! I love our state and all the opportunities it has brought me, including our time working and worshipping together. Green Pork Chile, Palisade Peaches, Rocky Ford Canteloupe, Olathe Sweet Corn, and we would all be remiss if we didn’t mention the renowned Denver Omelet (It’s said to have originated in the railroad days by Chinese cooks making something similar to egg foo young.). Love your blog!!

  3. Anything with apples. Ohio has the largest acreage of apple orchards in the country.
    Tony Packo’s hotdogs with Packo sauce, just ask Klinger (Toledo’s hometown boy, Jamie Farr) from MASH.
    and of course, chocolate/peanut butter Buckeyes.

  4. I love your recipes & your blog! I live in Kentucky so Derby Pie is one of my faves! Adding a splash of bourbon makes it extra special! Every time I hear the song Even If it gives me so much hope! I’m excited about your giveaways too😍. Thx

  5. I would say that Texas is known for its TexMex!! Of course there are as many different kinds of TexMex in Texas as there are different kinds of Mesquite Trees, but that just makes for more fun trying them all to find a Favorite!! ❤️😋

  6. I’m from Missouri. We’re usually know for Kansas City BBQ, and St. Louis toasted Ravioli. Also, the ice cream cone was invented at St. Louis’s 1904 World’s Fair and the Cherry Mash candy bar is made in St. Joseph. I’ve heard it rumored that Gooey Butter Cake got its start in Missouri also! Yum!

  7. I moved to Colorado a few years ago, and I agree with the comments on pork green chili as well as your opinion of rocky mountain oysters. I was born in Louisiana, so that’s got to be gumbo. But I was pretty much raised in Mississippi, so that’s fried catfish with homemade tartar sauce and hush puppies. And MercyMe is my absolute favorite group ❤️

  8. I’m from Pennsylvania, which is known for Philly cheesesteaks, shoo-fly pie, whoopie pies, birch beer, Tastykakes, Primanti Bros sandwiches, Lebanon bologna, pierogies, Utz potato chips, and marshmallow Peeps.

  9. I’m from Utah and we have a green jello with cottage cheese and crushed pineapple recipe that is yummy. I haven’t eaten this one anywhere else. Another treat we enjoy with french fries is our Fry Sauce.

  10. I could name several foods that California is famous for.
    First item that came to my mind was Sour Dough Bread.
    You cannot visit San Franicisco without having some.
    It’s delicious!
    Love this contest. Interesting to read different recipes and
    now different favorite foods. Thank You.

  11. Tough choice to make here in Michigan, but I can’t resist a Cornish Pasty (especially my own homemade lol) or a genuine Detroit Style Pizza.

    And then for dessert: Mackinac Island Fudge!

  12. Hi, I’m from Colorado and two things come to mind, Rocky Mountain Oysters and Chili with Cinnamon Rolls. Yum to both ! Thanks for the awesome giveaway ! Love your site and recipes !

    1. Thanks Theresa, I’m in Colorado too, ew to Rocky Mountain Oysters, tried them once, but no thanks! Haha. And that is wild, I just had a friend mention Chili with Cinnamon rolls, but had never heard it, she said it was a St. Louis thing?! But I sure do love that idea!

  13. Oregon has Marionberry pie! The berry was developed in 1956 in Oregon. Also, fun facts that were invented in Oregon- Tater tots,Ore-Ida (a mashup of “OREgon” and “IDAho”) from the 1950’s, Pronto pup (Corn Dog) Rockaway Beach, 1930’s and also our Tillamook Cheese. Just wanted to say your Key lime pie is to die for and my daughter and I made your vanilla extract last year and gave it as gifts for Christmas. We love it and got rave reviews from the receivers! Thank you for all of the wonderful recipes you bring to us each week! They are much appreciated!

  14. Chislic is a big thing in South Dakota; it was named our state food in 2018. Kuchen is our state dessert & also pretty native to South Dakota. One might also argue that pheasant is another South Dakota specialty. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  15. Another huge north Carolina specialty is Livermush. Similar to Pennsylvania Scrapple which is where the idea came from. It’s a breakfast meat that comes in a brick form that you slice and fry up in a skillet like sausage or bacon. It’s made from Pig liver, pig head, spices and just enough cornmeal to help it all hold together. It’s one of those foods people have a very strong opinion about, you either love it or hate it. We even have several festivals to honor it where you can partake of Livermush in different forms, including on a sandwich where the debate is whether to use grape jelly or mustard, or for the daring, both, on your sandwich. If you can find it in your area give it a try before you knock it!

    1. Okay, I will give it a try before I knock it — my motto is I will try anything once! I’ve had fried chicken feet, Ostrich and rattlesnake in my oddities! Why not livermush! I actually used to love liver, soooo, there you go! Thank you for all the fun ideas and for your supporting The Fresh Cooky!

  16. Eastern and Western North Carolina BBQ. Western bring “whole hog” with a thin vinegar and black pepper based sauce, Eastern being Pork Shoulder or “Butt” which is “pulled” or shredded, with a tomato ketchup based vinegar sauce. Both served with either red (vinegar based) or classic mayo’based coleslaw, Both types of BBQ and slaws are equally delicious!!

  17. I live in Michigan. I actually have 2 that I love. One is Pasties…it like a meat and veggie turnover. Second is Paczkis…it is a Polish filled donut-like pastry. We actually have Paczki Day which is on Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. Both are sinfully delicious!

  18. I’m from Texas, we enjoy Texas Caviar or Cowboy Caviar. This dish is a staple at parties, potlucks, and gathering. The ingredients consist of red onion; chili pepper; bell pepper; tomato; cilantro; scallion; pressed garlic topped with a tangy vinaigrette. Chill about 30 to an hour. Serve with tortilla chips or as side dish. Enjoy! God bless ya’ll.

  19. Virginia is known for peanuts, ham, and Brunswick stew. I have never made Brunswick stew but now I am going to have to try it! Congratulations! 🙂

  20. One of my fav songs is Tears in Heaven sung by Eric Clapton. A very sweet song.

    Would you know my name?
    If I saw you in heaven
    Would it be the same?
    If I saw you in heaven
    I must be strong
    And carry on………….

  21. Hi Kathleen , I live in California and look forward to day light saving here. We have so many things to do here and this gives us more time to do . We love our Mexican foods here like tacos and burritos !
    Have a beautiful day !

    1. Yes you do, I grew up in So Cal, but I am still not a fan of the time change! Messes with my sleep! Haha! And yes, all of the deliciosos Mexican food, nothing like it! You have a lovely weekend yourself!

    1. @Kathleen Pope, they actually sound better when pronounced as PASS-tees as intended. My hub just loves to call them PASTE-eeze. Just to bug me. I use busted up cooked pot roast in mine though, with a bit of homemade lard in the crust and a bit of beef suet in the filling.

  22. We love the Amazing Mile High Mud Pie (Easy Ice Cream Cake). Its a big wow fav at our home.
    This is a very easy recipe and no high altitude adjusts are needed.
    Not sure if this recipe is considered unique to the state I live in but maybe the * Mile High* can work.

  23. Colorado, of course pork green chili, but (something I won’t try is) Rocky Mountain Oysters. But originally from Indiana, it has to be Sugar Cream Pie or Fried Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches!
    I get chills every time I listen to “Even If”, we serve such an awesome God!

    1. Haha! I did try them once, nothing to write home about I think! Sugar Cream Pie, how very fun, that has me intrigued Debbie! Thank you so much for your support and indeed we do serve an Awesome God!

  24. I am from Ohio and we love making buckeyes. They are a mixture of peanut butter, butter, and confectioners sugar rolled into balls and dipped in chocolate. We always make them for Christmas.

    1. Oh I LOVE buckeyes!! Even all the way in Southern California, my grandma and I used to make them at Christmas when I was a little girl! I actually have a browned butter buckeye bar on the blog!

  25. I love “Even If”! And I love your blog and recipes! My favorite song is No Scars in Heaven by Casting Crowns. For my “Heart Sister”, I pray you’ll have ablessed week.

  26. I love that song by Mercy Me! Thank you for sharing! The dish that most people love here is some good ole’ North Carolina BBQ with hushpuppies dipped in Wilber’s chicken gravy!