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Watermelon Slush

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Juicy, ripe red watermelon, frozen and blended into this refreshing, delicious and healthy watermelon slush! With just 3 main ingredients, this all natural, no sugar slushie recipe is the essential cool summer drink – low calorie too!

Surprise your kids with a yummy non-alcoholic watermelon slushie; this drink is cool, refreshing, slurp-able and so darn easy! Or make into a special, fun cocktail for a party!

If you love refreshing summer drinks, please run and make these fan favorites: Cherry Bomb Cocktail, Hibiscus Dark & Stormy, Frosted Lemonade, Blueberry Limeade, or this Passion Tea Lemonade (copycat Starbucks).

Watermelon Slush square image with lime wheel in drink, wedge of watermelon and a sugar rimmed glass.

The inspiration for this drink came from my physical therapist; during a session we were chatting about what we were doing for the 4th of July and she mentioned that she always makes this drink. I needed no other prodding, I bought a watermelon and went to work!

Farmer’s Market Week

I am excited to join many other talented blogging friends this week as we highlight fresh recipes you can make using finds from your local Farmer’s Market. These ladies have created delicious and beautiful recipes that are linked at the bottom of this post.

My contributions to Farmer’s Market Week are this Watermelon Slushie, Zucchini Corn Fritters and this juicy Heirloom Tomato Pie, I hope you try them all!


Talk about easy, the hardest thing about this recipe is remembering to slice and freeze the watermelon!

Watermelon Slush ingredient shot, L-R Limes, water, frozen watermelon, mint leaves and optional vodka.
  • Seedless Watermelon | Cut into bite size chunks, frozen for at least 18-24 hours
  • Water | Even though there is plenty of water in watermelon, you need a bit of water to help it slush.
  • Mint | Fresh mint is optional, but adds bright minty essence to the watermelon slush!
  • Lime Juice | Again, fresh is always best as it doesn’t have the off taste that bottled can sometimes have, the tart compliments the sweet of the watermelon.


Don’t forget to FREEZE the watermelon into bite size chunks ahead of time, at least 18-24 hours.

Watermelon Slush Process shot L-pouring water in blender with frozen watermelon and mint, second image after first round of pulsing watermelon.

Remove frozen watermelon from freezer and allow to “thaw” for 5-10 minutes before starting the watermelon slush process.

Place all of the ingredients, EXCEPT the water, into a high speed blender*, add half of the water and pulse to break up the watermelon.

No High Speed Blender? Add all of the ingredients to a food processor and pulse to combine, a blender just makes this recipe easier for pouring.

Watermelon Slush process shot using long spatula to free up blades on blender, pouring extra water or vodka into the blender top for watermelon slush.

You will probably have to stop the blender several times and use a long spatula to dislodge frozen chunks from the blender blades — BE SURE TO TURN OFF BLENDER before doing this step.

Add more water (or add vodka) to achieve your desired smooth, slushie blend.

Watermelon slush process shot showing top down shot of fully blended watermelon slush in blender and pouring slushie into sugar rimmed glass.

If the mixture is too thick, simply add a little extra water and blend until desired consistency. Immediately pour into glass and serve.

Garnish | Optional, add wheel of lime, wedge of watermelon (or watermelon balls on a cocktail stick), and a sprig of mint.

TFC TIP | Whirring the watermelon in a high speed blender will add air, muting the colors of the drink into a lighter pink; as it sits, the watermelon red will start to pop back out, but it’s delicious any color!

How to Rim a Glass With Sugar

If you want to rim your glass with sugar, you can do it one of several ways.

  • Using a piece of lime, run it around the rim of a glass, then pour about ⅛ of a cup of your favorite sugar onto a small plate and turn the glass upside down and twirl into the sugar.
  • You can also wet some paper towels well and dip the glass pressing into the paper towels if you prefer not to have lime on the rim.
  • I used all natural sprinkles, but regular white sugar, all natural cane sugar, or demerara sugar would all work great!
Brightly Colored Sugared Rim glass filled with bright red Watermelon Slush garnished with mint, lime and a wedge of watermelon.


This recipe is naturally LOW CALORIE and SUGAR FREE and tastes delicious, if you want to switch it up:

  • Sweeter | As long as your watermelon is fresh, this should not need any sweetener, but if you’d like it sweeter, add 1-2 tablespoons of simple syrup or maple syrup.
  • Lemon for Lime | Switch up the citrus taste by using lemon juice instead of lime.


Here are all of the fun and favorite ways we’ve enjoyed this drink since first trying it!

  • TROPICAL WATERMELON SLUSH | Add a splash or two of coconut water for a truly tropical drink, this is how my PT loves it.
  • WATERMELON VODKA DRINKS | Replace 3-4 oz of water with 3-4 oz of vodka, blend until smooth, this vodka cocktail has become a favorite summer drink for me and my husband.
  • WATERMELON VODKA COCKTAIL | Add vodka as described above, replace water with your favorite flavored seltzer water, our favorites are Limoncello or Coconut La Croix.
  • FIZZY WATERMELON MOCKTAIL | Our sons enjoyed this with San Pellegrino Limonata, or try any lemon-lime soda.
Schooner glass filled with watermelon slush garnished with melon balls, mint sprig and lime wedge.
  • High Speed Blender | I have a Vitamix, but this Ninja blender would also do a fantastic job!
  • Spatula | A smoothie spatulas are very hand to loosen up chunks stuck in the blades, but a regular one would work great too!
  • Rimming Sugar | I used this all natural pretty sugar to rim my glasses.
  • Any glass will do for this watermelon slush, but if you want my look, I used these Riedel Glasses or try freezing one of these Schooners.
Sugar rimmed glass with watermelon slush inside, with lime wheel, mint sprig and wedge of watermelon.


If you have leftover frozen watermelon slushies, pour into plastic freezer container and freeze. When ready to drink again, allow to sit on counter to soften slightly for 10-15 minute, then re-blend to smooth.

Since these blend up so quickly, I do not recommend blending ahead of time, unless you have room in your freezer to safely place filled glasses or the blender with the slushie in side of it.

TFC Top Tip

Be sure to freeze your watermelon at least 18 hours before making this drink, this will yield the best watermelon slush.

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This recipe goes great with any meal!

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    Such a refreshing drink, and the mint with the watermelon made it so delicious and perfect for a warm evening dinner party. It was a hit with all my guests. Can’t wait to have it again!

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    Such a refreshing slush. I’m trying to enjoy all the summer fruits as much as possible. This really hit the spot. Next time I’ll add a splash of vodka!

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    This was a huge hit at home! My kids are loving this (without the vodka of course!) and I am having a little fun cocktail that make me feel as if I was on vacation!

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    Wow! This was such a refreshing summer time drink! I love watermelon anything and the non-alcoholic version was perfect for me and my family!