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Bread and Butter Pot Roast

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The aroma of a savory, Pot Roast loaded with winter veggies, slow cooked until it’s fall apart tender, in a fabulous beef and wine broth will have you hoping for chilly weather! The best meal in the fall and winter for a slow cooked Sunday dinner.

Pot Roast lends itself to crisp afternoons, leaves gently floating to the ground, crunching underfoot. A crackling fire, frosty mornings, the cheers, grunts and whistles of a football game on TV.

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pot roast stuffed potato on a white plate with roast and carrots around.

Ah, Autumn has officially arrived and along with it, comes my desire for slow-cooked, hearty meals, like this Bread and Butter Pot Roast, paired with a with a loaf of Russian Black bread and a crisp green salad and well, that’s dinner folks!

I love coming together after a busy week and sitting down to dinner with one another; nothing seems to draw people to the table like the smell of a savory, slow cooked meal like this tender Sunday pot roast, slow roasting in the oven for hours on a quiet (or not so quiet) Sunday afternoon.

Steaming hunk of pot roast coming out of a red dutch oven on a wooden spoon

This is a recipe from The Pioneer Woman, don’t you love her? I do! Everything I’ve ever made of hers I have loved, she’s my kind of gal! I’ve modified it slightly for my tastes.

The following are answers to common questions I receive about pot roast:


  • Low & Slow! Pot roast is typically a pretty inexpensive cut of beef and in order to make it tender, you need to cook it LOW & SLOW. Longer in the oven, at lower temps.
  • Sear! I am a big believer in searing the meat before cooking, giving the outside a crispy brown crust, preserving the juices inside the meat. Remember the flavor is in the BROWN!
  • Don’t peek! The steam that develops in the pot while cooking, brings moisture and tenderness to the meat. I usually only take a peak near the very end to make sure that it still has enough liquid and if you haven’t done it early, to pop in your carrots.
  • Let it Rest! Once you take the meat from the oven, allow it to rest for a minimum of 15, preferably 20-30 minutes.

How to make a Tender, Bread & Butter Sunday Pot Roast

Now would be a good time to make sure your pot will fit (with the lid) into the oven, moving racks if needed and preheat to 275°F.

  1. Over medium high heat, brown the cut side of onions in hot dutch oven or pot.
Process shots of pot roast process. 1. browning onion halves 2. browning carrots. 3 salted chuck roast. 4. searing chuck roast in pot
  1. Add carrots to the hot pan and toss them around until slightly browned, a minute or two.
  2. Salt and pepper the chuck roast well. Use your hand to rub it in, salt all 4 sides, it’s a large cut of meat! Set aside.
  3. Carefully place meat in dutch oven, it should steam and spit and spurt at you! That’s good! Sear for about 1-2 minutes on each side, you may need to hold it on the short sides with tongs. Remove roast to plate.

FRESH COOKY PRO TIP: You want a well marbled (fat) cut of meat, the flavor will increase greatly with marbling and that fat melts away into the meat while slow cooking, making a normally tough cut of meat, tender.

Pot Roast Process shots 5. deglazing pan. 6 adding fresh rosemary, 7. adding fresh thyme. 8 adding beef broth.
  1. With the burner still on high to medium-high, deglaze your pan using 1 cup of either red wine (yum) or beef broth (also yum), using a wooden spoon scrape the bottom of the pot removing all of those delicious brown bits. Remember that’s where the flavor is!
  2. Place the roast back in pot, add sprigs of fresh rosemary, thyme and parsley if desired.
  3. Tuck veggies back around pot roast, adding small or cut up potatoes if desired.
  4. Add enough beef broth to cover the meat about halfway up, 2-3 cups should do nicely.
Dutch oven filled with carrots, onions, potatoes, pot roast and broth ready to go in the oven.

It’s ready for you to put the lid on and place in that preheated 275° oven, don’t be tempted to open it either, slow cook at least 3 hours before you peek, it can easily cook longer if needed.

At about 5 hours you might need to check the liquid levels, if it has cooked down too much you can add a bit more beef stock, but return to the oven for at least and hour so those flavors can blend.

To round the meal out, make some Russian Black bread. This is a hearty bread, that pairs so well with the pot roast, the flavors complement one another perfectly and you can use this soft, hearty bread to sop up all those wonderful bits and juices left from the pot roast and veggies.

Slow roasted carrots, potatoes and onions from pot roast

Once you have the roast in the oven and bread ingredients in the machine, feel free to go and take a long nap, light a fire and read a good book, watch your favorite football team, crunch through some leaves…relax and watch the magic happen as the smells start to waft through the house, I love that word, waft, don’t you!

When it’s slow cooked a sufficient amount of time, at least 3 hours for a smaller roast and 4-6 for a larger roast, carefully remove from the oven and plate the roast, allow it to rest 15-30 minutes (covered) before breaking into serving size pieces; or just serve right from the pot, just be careful.

What to Serve with Pot Roast

  • You don’t need much since this is a one pan (pot) meal, however a crisp green salad adds some brightness and ruffage.
  • My favorite way to eat Pot Roast hails from the Black Eyed Pea restaurant, Pot Roast Stuffed Spud! Bake up some large russet potatoes and spoon hunks of pot roast, carrots and sauce over your split (and buttered, just saying) baked potato! Dreamy!
Pinterest image for Pot Roast Stuffed Spud, pot roast, carrots and gravy over a baked potoate

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  1. So, it may not be Sunday, but we will be enjoying this delicious recipe this Thursday. There is nothing better than a good pot roast! And I can’t wait for the way my home will smell while this is cooking as much as I m looking forward to enjoying the meal. Thanks, friend.