Best Stocking Stuffers 2022 for Teens (Boys & Girls)

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I love stockings! So I have curated the best stocking stuffers for 2022. Ideas for teens and tweens to help you love stockings as much as I do! Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers for teens and college boys or girls, I’ve got you covered.

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Stockings stuffed and hung on the mantel with a fire going.

The Best Stocking Stuffers 2022

I’ve adopted this same love of stuffing stockings with my own family and thought it was high time I gave you some of my ideas. Teenage boy & girl approved!!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens

I hear people lament all the time how they hate shopping for stocking stuffers? What?? That’s the easiest part of Christmas shopping! Which is why I came up with these stocking stuffer ideas for teens. I think these are the Best Stocking Stuffers 2022!

Years ago, when my boys were small, my sister-in-law made them darling felt stockings and since we already had fancy mantle stockings.

Since I typically overestimate how many stuffers will fit in a stocking, it worked perfectly to divide our stocking loot between the two.

Close up of stuffed Christmas stockings.


Best Stocking Stuffers 2022 for Boys & Guys

I have had several friends say these RUMPL blankets are the best, their kids love them!

VAT19 is unique and creative gift buying website! I can always find a unique and fun item on this website.

Best Stocking Stuffers 2022 for Girls & Gals

Stockings hung on the mantle, stuffed full of stocking stuffers.

In the past these stockings have bought us a little time in the morning, but now that they are teenagers and they like to sleep…a LOT; I find myself up early, excitedly waiting for them to wake up.

Now I find myself taking pictures of the tree, making Christmas breakfast like these amazing gooey Cinnamon Rolls with candied bacon or my make-ahead Cinnamon Crunch Baked French Toast.

Checking my list twice, whipping up a couple of delicious Eggnog lattes, opening the Bible to Luke 2, then, when I can’t take it any longer, we wake them up.

Stockings hung by the fireplace, stockings are stuffed.

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Whether you are housebound during a big snowstorm or squeezing in some shopping during your lunch break. In no time you will have your stockings stuffed and maybe even a few items for under the tree too!

Pinterest Image the best stocking stuffers for teens with images of various teenage gift items from squishy tactile toys, rubiks cubes, headphones, pocket farkel and more.

Fun Socks & Miscelleneous Stockign Stuffers 2022

These stocking stuffers are sure to please any stocking opener. It’ll bring the kid back out in your teenager! 

  • Boba Bubble Tea Kit | Kinda thinking everyone would have fun with this one!
  • Crazy Socks | These stocks by Stance are one of my favorite brands, they are made well and really hold up to teen boy wear and tear! We have patriotic, Star Wars, Steph Curry, and tropical to name a few. And they have some pretty cute girls socks too.
  • Bombas Socks | Fun and popular and comfy socks!
  • More Cozy Socks | Our boys love these sherpa lined cozy to lay around the house socks as well as these lower profile slipper socks. I typically give them a pair of Christmassy socks to open on Christmas eve.
  • Pedicure Gift Set | An all natural pedicure in a box set is perfect for teen & college girls!
  • DIY Organic Lip Balm Making Kit | this might be something more for under the tree!
  • Bamboo Toothbrushes | I typically stick toothbrushes in my kids stockings and Easter baskets! Practical and yet necessary and I like these eco friendly toothbrushes heads for Sonicare.
  • School Spirit Wear | I bought each of my boys a school tie (they have to dress up the day before a swim meet), a school lanyard, school socks; these make great stocking stuffers. All available from our school DECA store, I’m sure you have something similar.

Electronic Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 2022

  • Wireless Ear Buds | These Beats are on sale!
  • My boys like both these AirPods Pro and PowerBeats headphones as well, they are pricier however, they seem to take a bit better care with them.
  • Portable Charger | This charger rocks! It can charge two phones at once; lickety split! We have two in our family and we use them often when we travel or are on the mountain skiing. Here is a less expensive one that still has good ratings and even one more even less expensive.
  • Charging Cords | Same song second verse, these cords seem to disappear or break all of the time. I especially like this cable one
Pinterest image for stocking stuffers for tweens and teens with image of velvet stockings stuffed with wrapped gifts.

Sensory Stocking Stuffers

  • Thinking Putty by Crazy Aaron | This is the coolest stuff, especially if you have a tactile or sensory sensative kid. Gabe is fairly obsessed with this stuff, and it doesn’t dry out!
  • Beadeaz Balls | Along the same lines as the above, this is the perfect tactile tool. Just try and resist squishing one!
  • Magsafe iPhone Case | These cases are great, you can charge using the magSafe Charger plus get various magSafe pieces, like this wallet or pop socket.
  • LipTrip by Mountain and Ocean is the BEST lip treatment. Developed for everything from dry, high altitude to the wind of the tropics. This is the only lip balm my kids, actually the whole family will use. We have them everywhere!
  • If you prefer a more balmy, balm, try Dr. Bronners it’s a bit lighter, not so waxy
  • Rubiks Cube | Yup, the good old fashioned Rubik’s cube, our oldest is consumed with Rubik’s Cubes.
  • U Fidget | I love these fidget toys, all three, Gabe always has something in hands and these satisfy sensory and tactile needs.

Card Games and Puzzle Stocking Stuffers

  • Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza | is the game of the year apparently!
  • Kanoodle | I actually have this on order for my college freshman, many of these can be crossover gifts.
  • Pocket Farkle | Games never get old and dice games are fun for the entire family! We love playing Farkle, easy to learn and portable too. We also have Farkle with Friends which is a great way to get the kids and friends involved and get them off electronics!
  • UNO | We played this with family over Thanksgiving; ages 16-60 we had a blast with this new twist on the classic! Have you tried Dos? I might have to get this one for our stockings!
  • Game of Phones | but this one is a mini game and the offline version!
  • Have you ever played Dutch Blitz? It’s solitaire for a group, on steroids! I’ve played this with tweens through adults, and it’s fun for ALL!
  • Metal Earth 3D Puzzles | These puzzles are the metal version of a Lego, my almost 19 year old still loves these! All kinds of styles – don’t forget the tool kit!
Pin with variety of stocking stuffer ideas for tactile teens. Via @thefreshcooky

I keep my eyes open all the time for little things when I’m in stores like Trader Joe’s or even our grocery store.

Items like edible coal, fun gum, natural mints, all-natural candy canes, like Colorado hand-made Hammond’s candies.

Gift Guides & Ideas

What do you add to your stockings? I’d love to hear what types of things you put in there!

Come back often, I am frequently adding new items I discover or hear about from friends or happen upon myself!

Happy stocking stuffing and a very Merry (and not so stressful) Christmas season to you!

If you made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back! I hope this guide helped ease some of your holiday stress, afterall, that’s not what it’s about.

Now take a minute and remind yourself the meaning of this Advent!

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