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Best Christmas Gifts for College Guys 2022

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The best Christmas Gift Ideas for College Guys for 2022! Loaded with great ideas for the holiday season for the young adult guy in your life. Polling friends, family, and my own college kids this list is updated for the best creative gift ideas! The best Christmas gifts for college guysthat they will actually want and love! More than just gift cards too!

Thoughtful gift ideas curated from actual college students, that are good Christmas gifts and college graduation gifts for the young men in your life. Whether this is the first time they are heading to college, or they are heading to a trade school, or going into the work force; these are the best gift ideas.

What is your perfect gift idea? Alarm clock? Useful presents? Or just something that they have on their wish list? Something creative or unusual; I’ve got loads of options.

African American man holding a Christmas gift, college gift guide for guys.

Now that our boys are both in college, I have been scouring ideas, the internet, peppering my friends with older college kids, browsing other gift guides and more to try and find the best gifts.

And we are a gifting family, so they are pretty good at coming up with their own wish lists each year as well. Use this handy table of contents below to easily navigate sections in this gift guide for college guys.

How to Buy the Best Gift for the College Guy in your Life

Start by asking yourself some questions the college guy you are buying for, whether it’s your own son, a relative, or a friend.

What kind of hobbies do they like? Are they gamers? Maybe he’s a sports fantastic, or perhaps a workout and health enthusiast. Does he love to swim? Do puzzles? Is he practical or does he like the unusual?

Ask them too! Get their juices flowing for ideas, while many might say, “nuthin'” that has not been our experience with our college boys, we typically get a great list of items that they would love to have, plus I try and listen to things they talk about and hint at.

Also consider your own budget, you might not be able to purchase high ticket items, but perhaps a well thought out gift would be good. Ask casual questions that might help you discover ideas. Ask their friends and the parents of their friends what they are looking at. 

Man's hands holding a Christmas gift wrapped with a tree behind.

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for College Guys

Something tells me some of these items high school boys would enjoy as well! Maybe even your teens!

In fact, check out my most popular gift guide Stocking Stuffers for Teens and Tweens.

  • These RUMPL blankets are the best! And they have an Everywhere Towel too!
  • VAT19 | This is another unique and creative gift buying website! I can always find a unique and fun item on this website.
  • Don’t Get Mad, but this was on my boys wish list! Happy Nuts.
  • Weighted Blanket | Don’t knock it, it’s like a hug from mom all night long, without the “mom, your suffocating me” feeling!
  • Harry’s Razor | Let’s face it (bwah-ha) razor blades are expensive! Once no shave November is over they will want to get rid of that facial hair.
  • You can always find great deals at Target and Walmart too!
  • Because young people love their cold drinks! You might consider a mini fridge, we bought this one since it also has a small separate freezer.

Loads of great and unusual ideas on UNCOMMON GOODS!

Electronics & Tech Wish Lists

Whether we like it or not, cell phones and video games are here to stay. These are really good gifts for every budget!

  • These new MagSafe phone cases and wallets are so cool; perfect for holding their ID and credit cards. Don’t forget the charger!
  • And if they need a new cell phone, you will probably find some good sales at this time of the year. And to go along with those video sessions for their TikTok videos (of them studying of course) you need this cellphone tripod and ring light.
  • Portable Charger | With multiple USB ports, there are different sizes and price points, great option for those late-night study sessions.
  • Nintendo Switch | Still a favorite gift with my boys.
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones | One of the top gifts for this year, both over the ear like these Beats with over 22 hours of listening time. As well as AirPods Pro, get this protective charging case cover to protect your investment as well
  • Apple Watch | Not only can they tell the time, there are safety factors to this gadget as well!
  • New Laptop | Whether they need a Mac for design and creativity or they need a PC for a technical or any engineering discipline, these are a big investment, check your 529 plan to see if they will cover it and be sure to ask for student discounts! This is the computer we bought our boys who are both getting engineering degrees.
  • Power Strip | I like these power strips that have USB and USB C plug in’s as well as three prong plug-ins; plus they are surge protectors to save their electronics!
  • XBox Series X | If you can find one, I’ll buy it from you! LOL! My son wants one and they are hard to come by, he’s splitting the cost with us.
  • A wireless controller is a great gift too. Our boys and their friends all have different colors, so they know which one is theirs.
  • Gaming Headphones | these are a must for dorm rooms as well as off-campus apartment living!
  • Bluelight Blocking Glasses | These are a practical gift, because what college student isn’t on his device or his computer or watching TV.
College guy holding a Christmas package up with a surprised look on his face.

Clothing for College Guys | Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Sneakers | My older son is a shoe addict, and he loves these Alpha Bounces, comfortable, supportive and light weight.
  • Pizza Socks in a Box! | For the pizza lover, you have got to see these looks like a pizza but they are socks, in a pizza box!
  • Sushi Socks Box | seriously these are so much fun!
  • Bombas socks are always a hit! As are Stance socks, these socks take a licking and keep on going!
  • Face Mask | no, not that kind, but for skiing!
  • Ball Cap does wonders for when they oversleep and are racing to class.
  • My son asked for a pair of these Dickies Jeans (reasonably priced) as well as Carhartt Jeans.
  • Underwear | My boys actually ask for underwear now every year!
  • College Gear | Can your university student really have enough?
  • These Carhartt beanies are pretty darn popular with the guys too!
  • Got this for my son for his birthday, lightweight Carhartt Jacket
  • Water Bottle | Yes, Hydro Flasks are still one of the best gifts, because hydration never goes out of style.
  • Duffel Bag | Because duffels are a great fit idea! While it might be a practical gift, this is the bag guys on college campuses are using.

Great Gift Idea | Student Prime (Amazon)

The best part is you can shop for your fun gifts the easy way on Amazon, in your jammies, on your comfy couch! Use this link for a Free Trial for yourself, if you don’t have a Prime Account or are interested in gifting a Prime Student account. A great idea!

Games are always a good idea for gifting

Whether it’s card games, board games, puzzles or Spikeball (roundnet) there is something for everyone here!

  • Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza | is the card game of the year apparently!
  • Spikeball has taken the world and college campuses by storm, our son helped start a Roundnet club on his college campus and they travel for competeitions across the country, a great way to meet other kids, portable and loads of fun!
  • Settlers of Catan is still a favorite amongst our college son and his friends too! They can play for hours!
  • Puzzles for the Puzzle Pro | These Magic Puzzles hide “Easter Eggs” throughout the puzzle making them a puzzle in a puzzle and this Wasgij Puzzle (jigsaw backwards) another mind-blowing type of puzzle, you don’t actually put together the picture on the box!
  • Pocket Farkle | Games never get old and dice games are fun for the entire family! We love playing Farkle, easy to learn and portable too. We also have Farkle with Friends which is a great way to get the kids and friends involved and get them off electronics!
  • UNO | We played this with family over Thanksgiving; ages 16-60 we had a blast with this new twist on the classic! Have you tried Dos? I might have to get this one for our stockings!
  • Game of Phones | but this one is a mini game and the offline version!
  • Have you ever played Dutch Blitz? It’s solitaire for a group, on steroids! I’ve played this with tweens through adults, and it’s fun for ALL!
  • Metal Earth 3D Puzzles | These puzzles are the metal version of a Lego, my almost 19 year old still loves these! All kinds of styles – don’t forget the tool kit!

Gift Ideas | Clothing, Electronics, Gadgets and more!

Gift Guide for College Guys

A 2022 Guide to gift buying for college boys in your life.

Check out my other gift guides for college girls, the entertainer and more! There are great ideas on this gift guide for Christmas, but also for birthdays or college care packages as well!

And if you are looking for some great cookies to send to your college student I am pretty sure they would love these Copycat Crumbl Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe {The Best}, Christmas Muddy Buddy Mix or these Whoopie Pies!

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African American guy holding a gift with a big smile, to pin for gift guide for college guys.

I hope you enjoyed perusing through these many gifts for college boys, these aren’t just for Christmas either, these gifts for college students are great for anytime of year, graduation, birthday and more.

Have some of your own great gift ideas for college boys? Leave me a comment below! I’d love to add it to my list!

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