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Old Fashioned Texas Sheet Cake Recipe

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This Texas Sheet Cake Recipe is the best! Baked in a half sheet pan, it feeds a crowd and is perfect for a potluck! A large, thin cake, slightly chewy and a little dense, the perfect amount of chocolate, with a warm gooey chocolate frosting poured over the warm cake!

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Shot of Texas Sheet Cake in pan with corner piece removed and fudgy frosting oozing onto the pan.

Why you will love this Pioneer Woman Chocolate Sheet Cake

  • Minutes of Hands On Time | It takes a few minutes to whip up the batter and 20 minutes in the oven to bake!
  • Feeds a Crowd | I love it when we’re going to a potluck or meeting friends at the pool, making this Pioneer Woman inspired chocolate sheet cake recipe makes enough for everyone to enjoy, including the lifeguards!
  • CHOCOHOLICS FAVORITE | My family are all chocoholics! This is a favorite cake, tastes great by itself or ala mode!
Corner shot of a pan filled with Texas Sheet Cake topped with fudge frosting and mini chocolate chips.

What is a Texas Sheet Cake?

  • Chocolate sheet cakes are not fussy. The batter comes together so quickly, it bakes in just 20 minutes, you make the frosting while it bakes and pour over the warm cake.
  • It’s chocolate-y, but not overly so, allowing the slight tang of the buttermilk to shine through. While it’s dense, it’s also rich and has a slight chewy factor.
  • The easy, cooked chocolate frosting pours on while warm, then sets with a little crust that makes your taste buds scream for more.
Slice of Texas Chocolate Sheet cake on bamboo plate with the rest of the cake behind.

Pioneer Woman Chocolate Sheet Cake

I have been making this Texas Sheet Cake recipe for years, in fact, it’s from one of my favorite cookbook authors and bloggers, the Pioneer Woman. It’s an oldie but such a goodie! We use buttermilk in our recipe, which we think makes it the best Texas Sheet cake recipe, adding moisture, richness and all around deliciousness.

I have definitely made some tweaks to make it work for high altitude, but have no fear you sea level dwellers, I have the original amounts as well.

Recipe adapted from The Pioneer Woman.

Why is it called Texas Sheet Cake?

  • Where’d it get its name? Legend has it, because it’s huge, like the state of Texas.
  • Others say it’s because it’s dark and rich, like the oil that flows from the ground in Texas.
  • Still others say it’s because it’s loaded with Texas-y ingredients like buttermilk and pecans or to the fact that the recipe is similar to one submitted to the Dallas Morning News in 1957 that subsequently swept the country. (Source)

Regardless of what you call it, Pioneer Woman chocolate sheet cake or Old Fashioned Texas Sheet Cake or the “Get-in-my-mouth-now” cake — I don’t really care, but you and your loved ones will care very much when they sink their teeth into this rich, slightly chewy, chocolatey cake.


  • all-purpose flour | I use organic unbleached all purpose flour, regular flour is fine, just not self-rising.
  • granulated sugar | I use all natural cane sugar, but you can replace it with white sugar
  • light brown sugar | this is my addition, to add a bit more of a molasses taste and a bit more chewiness
  • salt
  • cocoa powder | use whatever kind you have, I love Rodelle’s Dutch Process Cocoa Powder
  • butter | the real deal please, my mantra “If it’s soft coming out of the fridge, it’s not real butter” no oil blends
  • boiling water | does a little sciencey magic thing — blooming the cocoa powder!
  • buttermilk | No buttermilk? No problem, see my handy substitutions chart for this and many other baking ingredients substitutions. I use whole full fat buttermilk, cause it’s so good in this cake!
  • eggs | provides the lovely lift and lightness to the cake
  • baking soda | Make sure it’s fresh and not out of date
  • vanilla extract | I always put a little extra in and homemade vanilla is the BEST!

Cooked Chocolate Frosting Ingredients

Texas sheet cake frosting is the bomb, you don’t even need to wash your pan from the cake! Simply toss your ingredients into the same pan, melt, stir, whisk until smooth!

  • butter | see above so there isn’t any gnashing of teeth happening 🙂
  • cocoa powder | same kind you used in the cake
  • milk| but you can also substitute half and half or heavy cream as well
  • vanilla | the best flavor in the world, nothing “plain” about it!
  • powdered sugar | also called confectioners sugar, the powdery white sugar!
  • mini chocolate chips | optional, but they add a nice touch
  • chopped pecans | optional again, my son has tree nut allergies, sadly I cannot use them, but they are yummy!
A spatula smoothing on cooked fudge frosting onto the top of a Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake.

What Size Pan is used to make the Best Texas Sheet Cake?

A full sheet pan is 18″ x 26″ which is enormous and most of us don’t have ovens large enough to fit one.

So technically speaking, what we are using is a half sheet pan which is 18″ x 13″, also called a baking sheet, but what I commonly use as a cookie sheet and have four or five in my kitchen.

A 10×15 inch jelly roll pan or a 9×13 baking pan may work. You will need to adjust the baking times since both pans are smaller and will take longer for the cake to bake through. Be careful with the jelly roll pan as it could overflow, you might want to spoon some of that batter into a square baking pan.

If it starts browning too quickly at the edges, simply place foil around the edges of the pan or lightly place a sheet of foil over the top. I have not make this cake in smaller pans, so please provide with caution.

Bake until the cake springs back when lightly touched or there are only fine crumbs on a toothpick when inserted.


Cakes can be finicky at normal altitudes, but the higher the altitude the more testy they become, here are my tips for high altitude baking, sometimes you need to try a recipe few times to figure out the best for your oven and altitude. This recipe was tested at 5280 feet above sea level (Mile High City).

  • Decrease the double-acting baking powder or baking soda by one-quarter to one-half teaspoon for every teaspoon called for in the recipe, and add an extra egg, but do not over beat the eggs.
  • Increase the liquid by three to four tablespoons for each cup liquid indicated.
  • Decrease the sugar two to three tablespoons for each cup in the recipe.
  • Increase the flour by one to two tablespoons for each cup called for. Increase the baking temperature about 25 degrees.
  • Be sure to grease your pan extremely well and only fill ½ full as cakes like to stick more at altitude and will tend to rise quicker.
  • Use an oven thermometer to make sure your oven is heating at the correct temperature.
Top down shot of the corner of the best Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake with pretty summery tea towel by it's side.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many servings does it make?

13″ x 18″ baking sheet or half sheet pan and are cutting the cake into 2×2″ slices, you will have 59 slices
2 x 3″ slices will yield about 39 servings
Slicing into 3 x 3″ slices you will get about 24 servings! Slice it anyway you like it!

Do I need to refrigerate my sheet cake?

If not eating within 2-3 days, then yes, I would recommend refrigerating, but be sure to cover well with plastic wrap. Otherwise it should be fine covered on the counter.
I have yet to have much, if any of this delectable cake leftover after a gathering. In fact, I made it for the 4th of July potluck and people came back for seconds and thirds! It’s that yummy!

Can you Make Old Fashioned Texas Sheet Cake Ahead of Time?

While the beauty of this cake is eating it warm from the oven, it still tastes great the next day — just be sure to cover tightly with plastic wrap and keep on the counter.
If you want to serve it warm heat your oven to 200 degrees F and pop the cake (icing and all) into the oven for about 15 minutes.

  • Half Sheet Pan or Baking Sheet | These are my favorite sturdy pans!
  • Mixing Bowl | This is my favorite mixing bowl, it’s great for dry goods as well as batters as it has a cover and a spout for pouring, plus handy measuring marks on the side.
  • Measuring Spoons | these are my new favorites, I love that they stack and nest, love that they have a round and narrow side for easily fitting into spice bottles and they are magnetic as well!
  • Silicone Spatula | I love these Tovolo silicone wood handled spatulas, sturdy wood handles, BPA free silicone, plus how cute that they have state inspired designs!
  • Off Set Spatula | Ideal for spreading the batter in the pan as well as th frosting over the warm cake!
  • Whisk | A solid stainless steel whisk is the best for whipping your frosting into smooth, creamy, deliciousness!
  • Serving Spatula | I love this mini spatula for getting into tight fitting cake pan corners, lifting out the perfect slice of cake or brownie.
Square image of slice of chewy, gooey Texas sheet cake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, full sheetcake in background.

Lastly, we think this Texas sheet cake recipe with buttermilk is best warm with a generous scoop of Old-Fashioned Vanilla Bean Ice Cream or chocolate ice cream!!

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  1. I recently moved here to Colorado from the south, and I was so pleased to see one of mine long time recipes converted to high altitude. It came out absolutely perfectly, and my guests raved over it. I love how it comes together with ingredients from your pantry, and it is so fudgy and delicious. I will be following you for sure!