Fresh Fridays, March 12

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Welcome to another fabulous edition of Fresh Fridays, our once weekly email; highlighting tips, tricks and fabulous recipes!

First, this is your friendly reminder to SPRING FORWARD this Saturday night! Set your clocks FORWARD one hour if you live in a state that observes Daylight Savings Time. If you do not, I am jealous!

Although I love the lighter-later, I am not a fan of the havoc the time change can do to us, I especially remember this when my boys were young! Yes, this is the one where you LOSE an hour of sleep! Want help adjusting, read on for tips from the experts.

How to adjust to daylight savings time

  1. Start early |A bit late on this one, but it’s recommended starting a week ahead to adjust your schedule by 15-30 minutes a day.
  2. Stick to your schedule |Be consistent with eating, social, bed and exercise times during the transition.
  3. Don’t take long nap | Shutting your eyes mid-day is tempting, especially if you’re feeling sluggish. 
  4. Avoid coffee and alcohol | Put down coffee and caffeinated beverages four to six hours before bedtime. Alcohol also prohibits you from getting quality sleep, so avoid it late at night. (Cleveland Clinic)
daylight savings time funny, I am so excited for Daylight Savings time!" Said no parent...ever!

What are you up to this weekend? Sunshine? Warmth? Cold? Blizzard? Denver has several feet of snow in the forecast — I am secretly praying that happens! I love big snowstorms and I cannot lie! 🙂

St. Patrick’s Day is Wednesday, March 17th

I am so excited about St. Patrick’s day this week! It’s the little things! Do you make something special for St. Paddy’s day?


This year in addition to the Irish recipes I already have on the blog, I made two brand new ones, both you will love!

Hearty, Healthy, Rich Shepherd’s Pie

(aka Cottage Pie this recipe is made with ground beef instead of lamb)

I will let the pictures do the talking, but be sure to hit that button below and check out this flavorful, comfort food dinner!

cast iron pan filled with skillet shepherd's pie with hands bringing up spoonful.


4 Ingredient Traditional Irish Soda Bread

Another winner, winner bread with dinner recipe! Dense, hearty and really just 4 ingredients; baked in a skillet, it comes out warm, crusty and tastes amazing slathered with rich Irish butter!

Facebook image for 4 ingredient Irish soda bread with wedge removed and irish butter on side.


I bet you might want even more to choose from, I have built up a nice variety of St. Patrick’s day recipes, plus a round-up with some of my foodie friends delicious delights!

All the Best St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know what you are making this St. Patrick’s day!

graphic with trending this week on The Fresh Cooky
graphic with swirl and says favorite tool of the week

In both the Soda Bread and the Shepherd’s Pie recipes, I used my trusty, 10″ Cast Iron Pan. I personally love Lodge Cast Iron pans, you can check out their collection here.

I own the grill/griddle, and the smaller skillet (great for cooking eggs), and these fun mini skillets for skillet cookies!

Irish blessing image with clovers.

Have a beautiful week and I hope you found the 4 tips on how to adjust to daylight savings time handy!

Hang in there, it’s Friday!

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P.S. Be sure to check out last weeks Fresh Fridays for more recipe ideas!

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