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Welcome to Fresh Fridays — the Birthday Edition! 🙂 Where one of my readers gets the gift!! Be sure to browse to the bottom for the GIVEAWAY!

Well it just so happens that this years Fresh Fridays, landed on my birthday! Happy birthday to me! I love birthdays, celebrating people is one of my favorite things to do!!

And in honor of my birthday, I thought I’d share a few spectacular & EPIC sales for you — do you think they planned these sales for my birthday? I’m going with that! Haha!

But before the birthday and the sales, we need to talk about RECIPES, because this is after all, a food blog! Use the links below to jump to where you’d like to go, or browse the entire post.

What’s Cooking in my Kitchen

Spinach Basil Pesto

I am excited to share this delicious Spinach Basil Pesto recipe — without nuts! Packed with good-for-you spinach, sweet basil, cheese and olive oil.

Traditional pesto is made with pine nuts, but because our oldest has a severe tree nut allergy, I needed to make a pesto without nuts, it’s so delicious, you will never miss the nuts.

And if you DO NOT have a nut allergy, I provide easy optional nut adding to the recipe!

Easy Rhubarb Dump Cake (without Jello)

Next up is this sweet-tart, super simple 5 ingredient, 5 minute prep Rhubarb Dump Cake Recipe!

Typical rhubarb dump cakes are made using strawberry Jello, but I’ve modified it removing the jello (e.g. red dye) for a delicious, mouth-watering and quick summer dessert.

Grab the easy recipe below and learn all you ever wanted to know about Rhubarb! Some fun facts in there.

Birthdays are for Celebrating

I believe in celebrating, even my own birthday. I am not shy about my age; we all age, NO ONE gets away without aging, so why hide it? This is my 57th birthday – most days, I don’t feel 57.

I was supposed to be visiting my old roommate and her husband in Virginia, but I woke up in the middle of the night with a killer sore throat, headache and body aches — needless to say, I canceled my trip.

Kathleen - The Fresh Cooky picture.
Taken last weekend after I had my hair done, because I like the way she did my bangs!

I was so disappointed, but I also reminded myself that all things happen for a purpose, and God must have had His reasons for not wanting me to go on this trip right now. I may never know why, and that’s okay.

Looking on the bright side; I now get to be here for my son’s last regular swim meet, and celebrate my birthday with the family and maybe even go to a movie. The best part, I am feeling much better! I doubled up on my immune boosting routine and have been resting, a lot.

Immune Boosting Routine

How do you celebrate your birthday? I would love to hear — I am a firm believer in celebrating your birth month!

Amazon Prime Days ~ July 12-13

Check out all of the great deals during Amazon Prime Days, there are many items already on sale!

Amazon prime day image.
  • Like this Instant Pot Duo Crisp (Pressure Cooker, Dehydrator, Slow Cooker and Air Fryer + more).
  • I purchased a couple Fire Sticks to take on vacations and travel with us — they are only $16.99!
  • This tabletop Blackstone griddle is 20% off, easily take camping or store in the garage during the winter months! Watch for a brand new recipe coming soon!
  • This Ninja Foodi has great reviews and is an Air Fryer and Pressure Cooker all in one! 35% off!

SALES at Target, Walmart and Sur la Table

Many big stores are having huge sales in competition with Amazon, check out these amazing sales as well!

Reader Testimonials

These are comments from real life readers who have tried and loved TFC’s recipes!

As a side note, a dear friend asked if I would make some chocolate chip cookies for her son’s engagement party! I asked if she wanted regular or giant, GIANT it was, so I made my Copycat Crumbl Chocolate Chip Cookies using 3 different types of chips! RAVE REVIEWS!

Best bison burgers I’ve ever made. I make these about once a month. Have shared with numerous friends who said best burgers they have ever made!!

Donna ~ Bison Burger with Caramelized Onions

I followed this recipe exactly as written. I am at 8,000 feet and it was DELICIOUS and looked beautiful. My family devoured it. Thank you for sharing such a great recipe!

Alison ~ Easy Banana Bread (High Altitude and Sea Level)
Juicy bison burger with melted juice and caramelized onions on pretzel rolls.

The Best Bison Burger Recipe with Caramelized Onions

High altitude banana bread recipes, sliced on parchment for serving.

Easy Banana Bread Recipe Baking at High Altitude

Birthday Giveaway

I love surprising people with gifts on my birthday, actually I love surprising people with gifts all the time — it’s definitely my love language.

One lucky winner, chosen using a random name picker, will win these beautiful Staub Oval Bakers (in choice of red, white or blue while supplies last).

Staub Oval Bakers in red.

To enter the giveaway (US Residents Only) leave a comment at the end of this post sharing your favorite birthday gift! Giveaway open until Monday, July 11 at 12 pm (MDT), winner will be notified via email.

Weekly Inspiration + 4th of July Recap

I hope you had a blessed 4th of July celebration, it was a fabulous celebration in our neighborhood for sure!

We had our usual flag raising and National Anthem, fun run, tricycle race, an amazing parade, BBQ (for 1200!!) and as always we finish with the belly flop contest! It truly takes a village!

This song by Anthem Lights just premiered on July 3rd! Oh my word! I pray you are blessed by this beautiful song, “Freedoms Worth the Fight” and this bonus America Medly.

I sure do appreciate you,

signature of Kathleen, The Fresh Cooky Recipe developer

P.S. Be sure to browse through last weeks Fresh Fridays for more great recipes!

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  1. Yes my comment was mine. I didn’t understand what the “approval” was about. I saw nothing when I clicked on the link. I thought it was something simple but it’s obvious it’s not. I don’t understand what you want so if you want just delete my comment for the contest.

  2. For my 40th birthday, my husband hired a car and driver. We picked up two of our close couple friends and went downtown to a very sought after northwest contemporary restaurant. A night with some of my favorite people, an incredible meal and great memories; definitely up there with favorite gifts!

  3. A Mystery Picnic on Cape Cod solving clues to visit different artisan owned stores and cafes. It was a great way to visit a new places.

  4. My favorite birthday gift is going to sound corny, but it is time. Time with my family & time with my friends.
    It’s funny that you posted your burger photo I just made burgers with camelized onions on a pretzel bun 2 days ago, but I also add goat cheese to it! Yummmm!!!!

  5. Hopefully you were able to make some special birthday memories despite your being sick! Honestly one of my favorite “gifts” on my own birthday is being able to bake special treats and share them with all my family. Continue to feel better!

  6. Kathleen
    I love how your website has expanded! So proud of you❣️
    My favorite birthday gift usually revolves around time with family. Hard to top being with those you love. Although one year I was in So Africa on missions and that was pretty amazing!

  7. Happy birthday! I think your bangs and hair are awesome and you do not look 57! I am 72 and wear color in my hair. Mid way down it is purple! I have worn colors for over 8 years now. Makes me feel sassy! I get so many compliments from all ages of women. I encourage them to try a little underneath their hair. Just a quick flash. I hope they do try. It’s very empowering! Compliments from other women gives you a little snap in your walk and improves your smile. I hope you have the best birthday your smile is priceless!
    Christy Farr
    Hebron, KY

  8. Hi there Kathleen, It’s fun that you asked us our favorite birthday gift…I have never been one to celebrate on the day, but my birthday is in October and we’ve discovered that it is our favorite time to travel (probably begins with the “fall break” are kids had in those elementary-high school years). So my best gift has been wonderful trips to Sonoma/Napa/Paso Robles wine country, Italy, New York, Orlando, and even here in Colorado in Palisade for the great wines they are turning out in our little corner of the world. Happiest of birthdays to you!!! 🙂 Derri

  9. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday! I think all the gifts I have received for my Birthday have been my faves, lol! Glad you are feeling better and love the recipes you share with us!

  10. My birthday was in mid-June, and I have recently been interested in house plants. I received four tropical plants for my birthday and am in love with them all ~ now to focus on not killing them (I’m doing a lot of reading…!). Thank you for the giveaway opportunity – those red bakers are gorgeous! Happy birthday!

  11. I have had so many wonderful birthday gifts and it’s hard to pick. But my BFF and I have a wonderful tradition of exchanging cookbooks and I LOVE it so much. Something about a tradition and a special friendship that is hard to beat!

  12. My favorite birthday gift, is one I received a long time ago. It was a 3-speed English Racer bicycle. I rode it for many years and loved it so much. Then I passed it down to my niece, who rode it for many years, too.

  13. Happy birthday, dear friend. ❤️
    My favorite birthday present is just being with my family – eating and playing together. ❤️

  14. Happy Birthday Kathleen! My favorite gift was a jewelry box my son made by hand. It is made from wood and lined with red silk. I still have (and use) 25 years later. Hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend!

  15. Happy Birthday Kathleen 🙂
    My favorite birthday gift was given to me for my 60 birthday just last year. My husband and daughter provided me a trip to visit my sister in California. My sister shares a birth month with me along with another sister. August 9,10 and 12 are are our birthdates. It was always an extra special birthday being able to spend our birthdays together. I am one of 9 children. When I was younger, I always looked forward to the 3 of us girls celebrating together. As we had gotten older and had families of our own, and moved out of state, it was a rare occasion that we could celebrate together. So turning 60 was a celebration to remember.

    Cheers to another year and many, many more. Like you said, its only a number.

  16. My Favorite birthday gift was on my 50th birthday. My daughter was away at college and, since it was December and close to Christmas break, I did not think she would be able to come for my birthday. A dear family friend flew her home as a surprise for the party-it was wonderful!