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By the time you read this we will “officially” be empty nesters! A bittersweet time for sure, we have been looking forward to this time, however; there is something that tugs on a mother’s heartstrings when she takes her “baby” to school. More about that below.

In today’s Fresh Fridays I bring you a brand new recipe you are going to ADORE! An easy weeknight meal, plus ways to make for two! Be on the look out in my new recipes for the “TIPS FOR TWO” section, with this logo.

And lastly, I thought it would be fun to recap the books we’ve read this summer. So many good reads! Get the scoop below!

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New Today! Philly Cheesesteak Sliders Recipe

I am so very excited to bring this recipe to you. This no fuss, no muss recipe is going to become a favorite!

With tender shaved steak (and options to use other economical meats), caramelized onions and peppers and gooey cheese, these baked cheesesteak sliders are perfect for a quick weeknight meal, game day appetizer, family game night, tailgating or an end of summer BBQ.

Philly cheesesteak sliders party sandwiches with spatula holding up one slider and rest of sliders in background.

Just click the button below to take you to the easy recipe!

More Sliders & Shaved Steak Recipes

If you have not discovered shaved steak, you are in for a treat. Trader Joe’s is my favorite as it uses the classic Ribeye cut of steak. Super tender, paper thin and oh so delicious.

Target, Kroger and many other grocery store chains also carry this shaved steak. If you cannot find it, just ask your butcher, he can always shave it for you!

Best Cheesesteak Sandwich image with juicy shaved steak dripping with sauce and melted cheese in a hoagie bun.

Best Cheesesteak Sandwich Recipe

Mongolian Beef image of black bowl filled with Mongolian beef, rice and broccoli with chopsticks on top.

Healthy Mongolian Beef

Roast Beef Sliders square image on tray.

Roast Beef Sliders

Turkey and cheese sliders in pan with melty cheese.

Easy Oven Baked Turkey and Cheese Sliders Recipe

Square image of pouring marinade sauce over funeral sandwiches.

Hammy Sammies {Funeral Sandwiches}

Easy Beef and Broccoli image in black bowl with green onions on tea towel underneath, spoon in bowl.

Healthy Beef and Broccoli

Empty Nesters at Last

My husband and I got married later in life (check out our story in my Cinnamon Rolls recipe) and because of that we didn’t waste time starting a family — we are looking forward to rekindling our love story, spending time together, traveling and not worrying about who is coming home when! 🙂

I know that kids move home; certainly our boys come home for holiday breaks and summers too, and maybe even for a season after college; so not fully and truly empty nesters, but I will take it for now.

I think what makes it easier is knowing that our boys are ready; they are mature young men, ready to be independent and fly. I believe we have raised them well; with strong morals, confidence, independence, strong faith and hopefully some humility — taught them common sense and critical thinking.

It is scary and exciting to bump your kids out of the nest and then watch them stretch those wings out the first time — and hopefully catch the wind and soar! It’s an honor to be their parents but you can bet that I’ll be spending time on my knees.

To all of my friends who are taking a child off to school for the first or the last time, I am with you! I am here for you! Reach out to me, we can laugh, cry and share our fears together! Remember I answer all of my emails and comments personally — because YOU are so important to me!

Summer Reading List

I read all the time, but like many, I like to try and read a bit more in the summertime. Here is a list and my quick review on the books my husband and I have read this summer.

  1. The Magnolia Palace | I liked this story, it is one of those that bounces from modern times to historical times. Gives the backstory behind the Frick Museum in New York City and how it was started — the author takes some license but it is overall an enjoyable book and I loved the historical side of things.
  2. The American Heiress | I felt like it could have ended about 100 pages sooner! Haha! I haven’t read many historical fiction books on this time period and genre about the wealthy American “royalty” seeking European royalty for their children to marry. Interesting.
  3. The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post | Super interesting history of the Post (General Foods) family and many other well known families that helped build our nation. I very much enjoyed this book!
  4. Lady Clementine | LOVED this book, in fact it was recommended by one of YOU! Thank you. I don’t know how much license the author took with historical fiction, but this story of Clementine Churchill was fascinating!
  5. Mere Christianity | It’s been forever since I read this Christian Classic by C.S. Lewis and with all that is going on in our world I have to say it is more relevant than ever — truly! If you have questions or want to strengthen your faith, THIS is a book that should be on your reading list.
  6. Resilient: Restoring Your Weary Soul in These Turbulent Times | My husband is reading it first and is loving it! I cannot wait to read it, he shares daily gems from this book that have soothed my sometimes weary soul! So good for these times we are living in!

Weekly Inspiration | You need this song!

I have had this song on repeat this week! Love it, if you have a moment watch the video — oh and Dante Bowe’s voice! Oh my! God Really Loves Us by Crowder, Dante Bowe and featuring Maverick City Music.

I so appreciate you for your support and coming back week after week! I hope you know you are loved

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  1. Lady Clementine sounds like a fantastic book; glad for the recommendation. We just finished reading “The Words We Cannot Say” by Kelly Rimmer. It was quite the book: 2 amazing stories that converge into one. Check it out!

  2. Enjoy your empty house for a little while! Just down the road in a few years will come weddings and daughters-in-law’s and grandchildren. It is all the fun and blessings God has for you and Brad. We love every minute of it! Even the potty training 2 year old..

  3. Embrace your empty nest. You will learn to love it. I love my kids and enjoy their visits, but I really love my quiet calm house as I get older. Cooking for 2 was my biggest struggle. I made many meals that were too big, and served 1/2 and froze 1/2 for a quick future meal for those days I didn’t really feel like cooking.