Strawberry  Lip Scrub

Strawberry DIY Lip Scrub is made with all-natural ingredients. Exfoliate, moisturize and remove dead skin with this homemade lip scrub making dry, chapped lips look and feel better!


- Cane Sugar - Coconut Oil - Jojoba Oli - Strawberry Powder - Strawberry Essential Oil - Strawberries - Whipped Cream

Place the oils and essence all into one bowl. The oils moisturize the lips and the Vitamin E heals chapped skin.

Let's Get Started

The essence give the flavor and smaell while the freeeze dried strawberries are pulverized into a fine powder. -YUM

Adding the Strawberry

Add the strawberry oil mixture into the cane sugar and mix well. The sugar is the exfoliant that will make your lips so kissably soft!

All Together Now

Once the Strawberry Lip Scrub is completely combined, you can pour it into little jars the perfect size for lip scrub.

Print the Free Labels and assemble the jars. It is that easy to DIY your own lip scrub!

Choose from 3 different free printable labels or DIY your own customer Strawberry Lip Scrub Labels! 



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