and it's low sugar!

easy no cook recipe

Freezer Jam

And the best part? This recipe uses half the sugar of typical freezer jam– So enjoy this delicious strawberry jam guilt-free!

Simple Ingredients

Getting Started

Wash and trim the fresh berries - then place them in the bowl of your food processor. 

Pulse the strawberries in the food processor until it forms a slushy chunky mixture.

Next, whisk together sugar and the box of pectin in a separate bowl.  I used Ball real fruit pectin to produce the signature gel-like texture of jam.

Then, add the crushed strawberries to the sugar mixture and continuously stir for at least three minutes, 4-5 minutes if using all-natural cane sugar.

Finally, using a ladle, scoop the strawberry mixture into freezer-safe containers, with a tight-fitting lid, and place the storage containers in the freezer.

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