Red Velvet  Christmas Donuts

Red Velvet  Christmas Donuts

baked not fried!

Red Velvet Cake Donuts

Red Velvet Donuts are flavorful and tender, topped with an incredible Irish Cream Cream Cheese Glaze.



All-Purpose Flour Natural Cocoa Powder Brown Sugar Buttermilk Vanilla Extract Butter & an Egg Red Food Coloring Espresso Powder

Irish Cream Cream Cheese Glaze

Cream Cheese Butter Powdered Sugar Vanilla Extract Bailey's Irish Cream

Mix all the dry ingredients with a whisk.  Then mix the wet ingredients in a seperate bowl.

Let's Make Donuts...

Make a well in the dry ingredients and pour in the wet ingredients mixture.

Gently Fold

Add the red food color, then piep into a prepared donut pan.

When done baking, immediately place a cooling rack on top of the donut pan and invert donuts, allowing to cool completely.

Mix Glaze, Dip, & Sprinkle

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