Halibut Air Fried

and topped with a light Lemon Butter Sauce


Halibut Salt & Pepper Paprika A bit of Oil Lemon Butter Sauce

Air Fryer Halibut INGREDIENTS

Now, rinse the fresh Halibut and pat it dry with a paper towel – that way, you avoid soggy fish. Lightly brush or spray the fish with olive oil for the best crispy outside.  

Get it ready for the air fryer.

Season with salt, pepper and smoke paprika. Use your hands or a bbq brush to gently rub in the spices.

Place filets uncrowded in basket. Air fry until flaky.

Time to Fry

Want to know when the fish is done? The perfect filet flakes easily with a fork when done.

Cook According to Instructions

Before you start the fish or while it is air frying, make your lemon butter sauce.

Lemon  Butter  Sauce


Stir in lemon juice and serve the mix in a pretty glass serving pitcher or small gravy boat, or ladle it over the completed plates as you serve.

Pour on the Sauce

Honestly, there are so many reasons to love this recipe!


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