An easy holiday pizza sliders recipe that is ready in about 30-40 minutes.

Pizza Sliders Recipe

The best holiday appetizer or quick meal for the hustle and bustle season.


Hawaiian Roll Pizzas...

Keeping the package of rolls all connected, slice the soft rolls in half lengthwise and place the bottom half of the buns in the baking dish...

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then add the first layer of cheese...

spread the sauce on the bottom halves...

Layer on a full covering of pepperoni and sprinkle on the Italian seasoning. Then add another layer of fresh mozzarella.

Melt the butter with seasonings and brush liberally over the tops of the rolls.

Lastly, garnish the sliders with additional red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning, and fresh basil if desired. Enjoy!

Serve a Plate Full of the Best Pizza Rolls!

A great make-ahead dish for holiday parties and more.

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