Oreo Crumble  Cookie Recipe

Delicious Copycat Recipe

The number one selling Crumbl cookie recipe is the Chocolate Oreo.


Oreos Cocoa Powder All-Purpose Flour Sugar Eggs & Butter Vanilla Extract & Buttercream Ingredients

Mix the Wet  Ingredients

Then  the Dry

Crumbl Cookie Copycat Recipe

Add in Those Scrumptious  Crumbled Oreos

Crush Oreo cookies in a food processor or  in a thick baggie and using a rolling pin to crush the cookies pretty fine, a few chunks here and there are fine.

Form the Dough Balls

You may choose to make giant Crumbl cookie sized Chocolate Oreo cookies, or smaller — just be sure to adjust the scoop size and baking times, notes in recipe card.

Bake and Cool Before Icing the Cookies

High Altitude  Instructions Included

Spiral on the Icing then Crumble on the Crushed Cookies

Grab an ice cold glass of milk and let’s make these warm copycat cookies.

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