Tortilla Soup

A 30 minute meal- or throw in slow cooker in the morning!  Psst- It is GLUTEN FREE

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So many things in this healthy soup! Love it! A bowl of this soup is always comforting!

— Radha


Boneless Chicken Oil Butter Onion Cloves Seasonings Chilies Tomatoes Stock or Broth Corn  Tomato Soup Limes Cilantro Tortilla Chips  Toppings

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What I love about this soup is that it can be ready in a jiffy, or popped in the slow cooker to simmer all day.

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Serve hot over crushed tortilla chips, crumbled or shredded cheese, avocado chunks and a squeeze of fresh lime.

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Tortilla Chips Avocado Queso Fresco Jack or Cheddar Cheese  Fresh chopped cilantro Jalapenos Tabasco sauce Sour cream or Crema

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This easy recipe for tortilla soup is loaded with chicken and veggies, a rice and garnished with chunks of avocado, queso fresco, tortilla chips, cilantro, and finished with a squeeze of lime!

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