Giant Cookie Cake Heart Recipe

Giant Cookie Cake Heart Recipe

for Valentine's Day!

Simple and Scrumptious! Chewy, dense, crisp-buttery edges with loads of chocolate!

Start with my basic Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie dough and simply replace the mini-chocolate chips with Valentine’s M & M’s in addition to the regular chocolate chips and chunks.


Butter Sugar Eggs  Vanilla All-Purpose Flour Chocolate Chunks Chocolate Chips Valentine M&Ms

Place 1/3 of the dough into the heart-shaped pan form. Press the dough to the edges.

If you do not have a form, just shape the dough into a heart by hand.

To keep the dip in the top of the heart I used a little folded foil, sprayed with non-stick oil and tucked it in to help it keep from spreading.

Once cooled, using a table knife, gently insert between sides of cookie and pan and release from mold or pan.

Serve your Valentine's Day Heart Cookie on a pretty plate or pedestal!

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