Easy Mexican

Street Corn  Rice Bowls

Mexican Street Corn Rice Bowls today- Crispy corn and fluffy rice are coated in a creamy elotes-inspired sauce and topped with delicious Cotija cheese for added flavor.


Cutting the  Corn off the Cob

Place the corn cob upright in the bundt pan‘s center hole and hold the cob’s top end with one hand.

Make the Mexican Rice

Make the white rice with broth and salt as directed. Cook for 25 minutes.

Mix Elotes Mixture

Mix the Mexican crema, mayonnaise, the remaining kosher salt, chipotle powder, and Tajin in a small bowl and set it aside for later.

Make Roasted Corn

Roast the corn in a skillet and then add the elotes dressing and mix well.

Combine the roasted corn with the elote sauce, add in the cooked rice, chopped green onions, cilantro, bell peppers, and zesty lime juice, and gently fold the ingredients to mix them.

Finally, Add the lemon juice and Cotija Cheese!

Garnish & Serve!

Garnish & Serve!

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