Easy Asian Marinated Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Easy Asian Marinated Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Soy Sauce | Vinegar | Oil | Brown Sugar | Garlic | Ginger

Rich Marinade Tenderness


Pour all the simple ingredients into a small bowl and whisk well to incorporate and wake up all the flavors.

Whisk the Marinade


Pour the marinade into a ziplock bag if freezing, or a glass dish if cooking the same day.

Let the Marinade Begin


Wait until you begin to smell the aroma of the marinated pork on the grill!  Cook as the recipe states.

Grilling Time

Try not to overcook your tenderloins! Brush with extra marinade after each turn, or heat leftover marinade in a pan and serve with pork.


Remove from heat and tent loosely with aluminum foil allowing the meat to rest for 5 minutes; allowing the juices to return back to the meat and finish cooking. Slice and serve!

Slice and Serve!

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