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Oreo Dessert Pudding

Oreo Pudding  Pie Recipe

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A Classic Dessert and a total Crowd Pleaser!


Oreo Cookies Butter Heavy Whipping Cream Powdered Sugar Vanilla Extract Cream Cheese Instant Chocolate Pudding Milk

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Step 1 | Prepare the Oreo Crust

Crush the Oreos and mix with the melted butter. Then press into the pan to make a crust.

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Step 2 | Make Homemade Cool Whip

Click on the link below to learn all about how to make you very own homemade Cool Whip!

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Step 3 | Make the Cream Cheese Layer

Mixing the cream cheese, powdered sugar and 1/2 the Cool Whip makes a heavenly layer!

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Step 4 | The Chocolate Pudding  Layer

It is easy to whip up Instant Chocolate Pudding in no time at all. Let it chill for 5 minutes, then slather it on!

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Step 5 | The Finishing Touches

Finish it with the rest of the Cool Whip and some crumbled Oreos and you are done!

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