Bundt Cake

Lemonade Bundt Cake Recipe

Very much like a lemon pound cake in texture, this is a delicious cake for all lemon lovers.

Gather Your  Ingredients

Butter & Sugar Eggs Buttermilk Lemon Juice Lemon Zest Vanilla Extract Flour

Fresh Tip 1

Always premix your dry ingredients when making a cake so you do not have any clumps of soda or salt in your moist delicious cake!

Fresh Tip 2

Fresh lemon squeezed right into the batter is best. Then you can add some of the zest to take it up a notch!

Fresh Tip  3

Always add the eggs one at a time to incorporate and whip into the fluffy batter.

Fresh Tip 4

Make your own lemon syrup to brush all over the cake adding extra lemon flavor and moisture to the cake.

Fresh Tip 5

Homemade lemon cream cheese frosting pipes on so nicely - and you can adjust the consistency to the tip you are using! Gorgeous!

Pull a slice of the Lemonade Bundt Cake out and enjoy!