Pizza Rustica

Italian  Easter Pie

Pizza Rustica has traditionally been enjoyed by Italians on Easter Sunday as an end of Lent celebration.

Traditional Recipe

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A rustic, country style stuffed pizza that goes by many names, including Easter Pie and Pizza Gain or Pizza Gaina, and Pizza Ripiena literally translated to stuffed pizza.

Pizza rustica


Pizza Dough Crust: Simple ingredient crust. Pizza Filling:  Sausage and spinach Cheesy Egg Mix:  Eggs, cheeses and meats  layer. Egg Wash:  Egg wash makes the crust golden.

Step One: Stir together flour and salt

Step Two: Cut in butter

Step Three: Add in the beaten eggs

Step Four: Sprinkle on Ice Water

Making the Dough

Cook the Filling

Add Italian sausage, garlic and spinach to a hot skillet, wilt, and then cool the mixture.

Roll Out the Dough

Roll the bottom crust dough and place in the pan.  Be sure to leave a little overhang.

Mix the Filling

Add cheeses, eggs, and cooled meats into the asusage and spinach  filling mixture and stir to cover all.

Pour the filling into the crust

Roll the top crust, pour the filling into the crust, then place the top crust on the pan. Trim and pinch the crusts to seal.

Egg Wash and Bake

Yes, it tastes as good as it looks! Try this traditional Italian Pizza Rustica for your next Easter gathering, or perhaps on Good Friday!