easy creamy TOMATO BISQUE  Soup

Use fresh or canned tomatoes, roasted or regular.

Tomato Basil Bisque

In 30 minutes you can have this, creamy tomato basil bisque recipe to warm you from the inside out for those chilly days.


easy to follow steps for a cozy winter soup

Making Tomato Bisque Recipe

Caramelize Onions  & Make Roux


Use fresh chopped tomatoes or canned tomatoes.

Add the spices and chicken broth and simmer away!

Finish the bisque with fresh basil or dill, honey and whisk in the cream.

For a chunkier soup, use an immersion blender. For silkier, use a blender. Be sure to taste and add salt and pepper as needed.

Pretzel Bites Croutons?

Fry them up in a frying pan and some butter! - YUM!

Slow cooker and roasted tomato instructions included!


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