Superbowl Korean  Fried Chicken

Game Day Appetizer

Korean Fried Chicken is tastier and juicier than wings and perfect for a game day snack!


simple steps to follow

Korean Fried Chicken is perfectly crisp and smothered in a spicy-sweet and tangy barbecue sauce.

Prep the chicken

Dry the chicken and cut into cubes. Coat with oil & seasonings.

Prep air fryer

Then, toss the seasoned chicken with the cornstarch to evenly coat all surfaces and into the prepared air fryer it goes.

Cook the  Chicken Bites

Cook in a single layer and turn the pieces until crispy and golden brown.

Make  the Sauce

Mix all the ingredients with a whisk, then boil over medium heat for one amazing Game Day Korean BBQ Sauce!

Toss & Serve

Toss the air-fried chicken bites in the spicy sauce and garnish with anything your football friends love on their wings!

The Best Korean Barbecue Chicken aka the other “KFC” is great for all of football season.