Whipped Cream


Cool Whip Substitute

This stabilized whipped cream recipe is easy, creamy and just 3 ingredients to a healthy cool whip recipe and no gelatin!

3 Simple Ingredients

Whipping Cream Powdered Sugar Vanilla

and that really is it!

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Whip the whipping cream to form soft peaks. Then add in the powdered sugar.

Step 1

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Add in your vanilla extract and mix again until incorporated. But be careful not to whip it into butter!

Step 2

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I always take a taste test to see if the recipe I am making requires a whipped cream with a bit more sugar or not.

Step 3

Homemade  Cool Whip

Once your friends and family have tried homemade whipped cream, they will never go back to store-bought again!

I promise

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Dreamy Good

Whipped Cream Topping