Pumpkin Custard  Pie Recipe

Costco Copycat

a creamier  Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Garnish the pie with leftover crust dough cut outs to add wow factor to your holiday dessert.

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Costco Copycat Recipe

The variety of pumpkin used in Costco’s pumpkin pie recipe is Dickinson pumpkins, which is actually a squash-- the same pumpkin that Libby’s uses.

Roll the crust between parchment sheets, place gently in the pie plate, and crimp the edges.

Start with the Pie Crust

Par-Baked  Pie Crust

Avoid a soggy crust with this method-- instructions in the recipe!

Full instructions for custard in the  recipe!

Prepare the Pumpkin Pie Filling

Complete the Pie & Bake to Perfection

Pour the Pumpkin Custard into the blind-baked pie shell and cover the edges.

Cool, Slice & Enjoy!

5 pumpkin pie testing recipes later, I’ve come up with the best pie for pumpkin pie season-- you will not be disappointed.