Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls

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These are my signature cinnamon rolls. Friends and family request them when we are coming for breakfast or brunch."


My Clone of Cinnabon Rolls made fresh at your home!

They are soft, fluffy, stuffed with buttery cinnamon goodness. And you don’t have to run to the mall to get them! 

Holiday Brunch Idea: Cinnmon Rolls and Bacon!

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Ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls are a sweet, soft bread with buttery, cinnamon, topped with an amazing, fluffy Cinnabon frosting.

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Prep Time: 1 hour 15 min

DOUGH – 1 cup milk – ⅓ cup butter – ½ cup all-natural cane sugar  – ½ teaspoon salt – 4-4 ¼ cups bread flour  – 1 package active dry yeast or – 2 eggs FILLING butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla, salt, milk, or cream if needed  FROSTING butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla, salt, milk or cream if needed 

Cook Time: 15 Min


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Step 1

Make these yummy cinnamon rolls: Mix the ingredients as noted in the recipe. Then allow the dough to rise. Once well-rested, you can roll out the dough, fill with cinnamon, and roll into shape. Now, into the oven!

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Step 2

Mix the Frosting. What is better than cream cheese, butter, and powdered sugar dripping all over your cinnamon roll? Nothing! Mix this easy frosting and pour generously over the warm pan of rolls.

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Step 3

Plate your Cinnamon Rolls and top with a slice of Candied Bacon. Your family will love the sweet and salty bacon with the indulgent cinnamon rolls!

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