Crock Pot Chicken

Olive Garden

A 3 ingredient Olive Garden chicken pasta dish full of true Italian flavors!

Olive Garden Chicken Pasta

This copycat Olive Garden Chicken crock pot chicken is juicy, tender, and packed with bold and tangy flavors.


3 Ingredient Olive Garden Chicken is made easily in your crock pot or Instant Pot and with only 5 minutes prep, you can’t beat the convenience!

Make Olive Garden Chicken in Crock Pot

Place the frozen chicken in crock pot and pout the dressing all over the top.

Now you will add the parmesan cheese to the chicken in the crock pot.

Time to pop in a block of cream cheese and place the lid on the pot. Time to cook!

Before you can finish the dish, you will need to boil and drain the pasta. Then shred the cooked chicken.

Add the chicken back into the crockpot along with the pasta. Then sprinkle in more parmesan and stir to mix.

Need instructions for Instant Pot Olive Garden Chicke Pasta? No problem. Just click the link below.

Enjoy a warm serving of this copycat chicken dinner tonight!

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