Giant Cheese Stuffed Shells Recipe

An Olive Garden copycat recipe

A copycat  Olive Garden stuffed shells recipe with Alfredo.


stuffed shells

alfredo cheese sauce

Boil the pasta shells and drain. Then get started on the cheese mixture.

Add the ricotta to the beaten egg mix. Next, measure the spices and mix well.

Mix the remainder of the cheeses into the cheese stuffing mix. Then it is time to stuff the shells.

Scoop the cheese and stuff into each shell and lay on a cookie sheet. Then you can choose how many you will cook that night! 

Line the baking dish with marinara sauce, add the shells, and top with cheese. Bake to perfection.

Optional toppings include golden toasted bread crumbs and creamy homemade Alfredo sauce.

Add toppings, serve, and enjoy Italian Olive Garden Stuffed Shells any night!