Korean  Fried Chicken

air fryer or oven

Korean Fried Chicken is tastier and juicier than wings!



simple steps to follow

Korean Fried Chicken is perfectly crisp and smothered in a spicy-sweet and tangy barbecue sauce.

Prep the chicken

Dry the chicken and cut into cubes. Coat with oil & seasonings.

Prep air fryer

Then, toss the seasoned chicken with the cornstarch to evenly coat all surfaces and into the prepared air fryer it goes.

Cook the  Chicken Bites

Cook in a single layer and turn the pieces until crispy and golden brown.

Make the Sauce

Mix all the ingredients with a whisk, then boil over medium heat for one amazing Korean BBQ Sauce!

Toss & Serve

Toss the air-fried chicken bites in the spicy sauce and garnish with toasted sesame seeds, a wedge of lime, and some freshly chopped scallion.

The Best Korean Barbecue Chicken aka the other “KFC” is great for all kinds of occasions.