Easy  Chocolate Truffles 

Pop, Fizz, Fudge!


Chocolate Champagne Truffles!

They will sparkle and shine for New Years Eve celebration. Valentine’s day, yes! Wedding favors, absolutely! These champagne chocolates will be ideal.


This easy champagne truffles recipe is a rich chocolate truffle, dancing with creamy chocolate and sparkling wine or champagne.

Set the Recipe

Place the chocolate, cream and salt in a double boiler.

Stir gently until the chcolate is mostly melted. Then remove from the heat and whisk until smooth.

Now whisk in softened butter and stir in champagne.

Now, pour the dark and creamy chocolate mixture into a prepared pan and refrigerate 8-24 hours.

Slice the truffle block into cubes or roll into truffle balls.

Roll or dip into cocoa powder, the decorate as desired.

Finally, place your truffles in mini baking cups for a gorgeous presentation and easy handling.

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