Cinco de Mayo AIR FRYER Fried Ice Cream

simple Ingredients

With these simple ingredients, you can make a great dessert in no time for your Cinco de Mayo festivities.

Form the Balls

Scoop ice cream into a muffin tin and freeze until firm for this fried ice cream in the air fryer as well as for quick ice cream service for a crowd.

Roll the frozen ice cream balls in flour and return them to the freezer for one hour.

Coat & Freeze

Add cinnamon to the cereal and use a rolling pin to crush it all together.

Crunchy Coating

Ready to Coat...

Take the ice cream out of the freezer and roll each in the frothy egg whites.

Add the Crunchy Goodness

Roll the balls in the crunchy mixture and place them right back into the computer. Meanwhile, line the air fryer with foil.

Scribbled Arrow

Line air fryer with aluminum foil, then place the ice cream in the preheated air fryer.

Air Fry the Ice Cream

Salted Caramel Sauce Hot Fudge or Chocolate Sauce Honey or Hot Honey Cinnamon sugar or Sprinkles

Add Your Toppings  and Serve

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