This solution easily traps pesky gnats and fruit flies with or without apple cider vinegar!

DIY Gnat Trap

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Gnat Trap DIY

Summer brings delicious, juicy, ripe summer fruits and veggies and with them a fruit fly family reunion!

Do you see itsy-bitsy black insects flying around, fruit flies and gnats dive-bombing your face? You look like one of those clapping monkeys as you try to smack the darn things; looking like a fool?  Just me?

This homemade gnat trap works in Just minutes with a few household ingredients.

Simply pour apple cider vinegar or white vinegar* into a ramekin, leaving about 1/2 inch at the top.

Cover snugly with plastic wrap, pull taught, and seal tightly around the ramekin.

Using a toothpick or an ice pick, puncture holes in the top of the plastic wrap, swirling slightly to enlarge the hole a bit larger than the toothpick makes by itself.

Set out as many gnat traps as you need, concentrating them especially near your fruit or where you have kept your fruit.

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