the Best                          Crumb      Coffee Cake

Make it a Sugar free lemon cake, too!



Lemon  Crumb Cake

Loaded with bright lemon flavor thanks to oodles of lemon zest and fresh lemon juice in the cake and the crumb topping.

Simple Ingredients

All Purpose Flour  Brown Sugar Lemon Zest Salt & Butter Eggs & Vanilla Baking Powder Bakeing Soda Greek Yogurt or Sour Cream Powdered Sugar Milk or Cream or Lemon Glaze

How to Make the Best Lemon Coffee Cake Recipe

This cake is a 3 step process, but don't worry, it is easy to make!

Make the Crumb Topping

Mix flour, brown sugar and lemon zest, then blend softened butter cubes into the mix with a fork.

Combine dry ingredients for the coffee cake

Whisk the dry ingredients: flour, baking soda, salt, and baking powder, and set it aside for later.

Mix the wet ingredients

With the paddle attachment, add butter and sugar, beating on medium speed until light and creamy. Then add eggs one at a time.

Cream the butter and sugars, then add the eggs and vanilla.

Add the lemon juice and flour and combine. Then spread the batter in the pan and get ready for the oven.

Top the crumb cake with chilled crumble topping!

Bake, Cool and Top with Powdered Sugar or Lemony Vanilla Glaze.


Learn how to make this recipe sugar free and even make Keto Lemon Cake!


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