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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Something for Everyone

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Will you buy a gift for Mother’s day this year? Your mom or perhaps an important woman who has been like a mom to you? Or maybe you are “THE MOM” — here’s a list of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas a little something for everyone! These are some of my favorite things along with a few items on my own wish list!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Something for Everyone

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 I love that moms come in all shapes and sizes, all kinds of packages and personalities. Some are born mothers, others work hard at learning to be moms. Oh my heart aches for the mom’s who long to hold a child in their arms; those who have adopted, given up for adoption, are pregnant or have lost a child — all are moms.

There are aunts, sisters and friends who take on a mother’s role; grandmothers who find themselves “momming” once again. Single moms and dads who are working their hardest to be both parents to their kids; no matter where you are in this life, I have a hunch you have a mom or have been a mom to someone, at some point in time — take a minute to inhale the beauty of motherhood and breath and bask in a few moments of rest and peace this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day isn’t for Sissies

I recognize this day can be very difficult for many people and for that I’m truly so very sorry; my heart always breaks for those who struggle with “Hallmark” holidays. If you are struggling, I would be honored if you wrote me an email; it would be my privilege to pray for you and your situation, no details required, God knows!

So what does a mom want for Mother’s day? Lot’s of love, kisses, phone calls, cards, flowers, handmade gifts! However; gifts is one of my love languages; I love giving even more than receiving, but if I’m honest I love receiving too. That’s why I’ve put together these Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. 


Okay, okay, I’m getting to my Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and there is a little something for everyone. I’ve compiled several lists of fun gifts for Mom’s. A few extravagant items, but mostly fun, affordable and thoughtful gifts that won’t break the bank.


  1. Help mom go feet first into summer with these incredible all-natural Callus Removers, these things really work! It takes a few weeks for the exfoliating to finished, but wow, I was amazed at how easily they get your feet baby soft.
  2. These are my favorite go-to, SUPER COMFY summer flip flop! Clark’s Sea Breeze, so many cute colors, so little summer! I can walk all day in these flip-flops ! My feet stay cool, don’t hurt and don’t stink! Just being real!
  3. This is THE best Eye Mask! I’ve even converted my hubby to wearing one, all the benefits of light elimination AND the wonderful aromatherapy benefits of lavender and chamomile.
  4. Neck Massager | I was AMAZED when a friend recommended this for my neck pain, it can really dig into the tight spots.
  5. I haven’t tried this Hot/Cold Eye Mask, but I should, perfect for migraines or after a long stressful day!
  6. Sonoma Neck Roll | I have wanted one of these for my neck, the fabric is so soft and the lavender, heavenly, or this heatable wrap.
  7. Milkhouse Candles are my favorite candles; beautifully and naturally scented American-grown soy wax infused with pure beeswax.
  8. This Lip gloss is in my shopping cart right now; it looks dreamy and was recommended by another blogger. Light-weight, moisturizing, tinted lip gloss; all natural, free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, and phthalates. 
  9. I’m loving these beautiful, feminine and flowy kimonos! Perfect as a pool cover-up or wear with a pair of jeans.


Coffee and Tea |www.thefreshcooky.com
  • I have a tea steeper like this one, no fuss, no muss, brews a lovely cup of tea (or pour it over ice for the perfect iced tea. And this tea kettle, oh my word, I’m a sucker for a beautiful retro appliance, definitely on the pricier side, I have one like this a little more economical.
  • And we must not forget a pretty tea cup, told you I have a cup obsession!

Spiritual and Motivational Gifts for Her

I’ve always been a morning “need my quiet time” girl. I wake up earlier than my family in order to spend some time with the Lord. Don’t think I’m super spiritual now, it’s what works for me and I hope you find what works for YOU to recharge, connect and fill your spiritual tank. You might find time that time on your commute to work, in the afternoon while laying down for a quick nap or just before you go to bed — do what works for you my friend! A few of my very favorites!

  • I have to start with The Wonder Years, I have given a copy to all of the women in my family as well as many of my girlfriends and I continue to give copies out — if you are over 40 or close to 40, or know a woman over 40 – get this book!!!
  • I really should have started with this Book, the BEST book spanning millennia – always on the BEST sellers list. I am talking about the Bible and the Inspire Bible for Creative Journaling is a favorite of mine. But if journaling or creativity makes you break out in hives (which it used to make me) then try this one, that’s already beautiful and colored in for you! 
  • I’m a little old fashioned, I admit it and maybe loving this series of books makes me old, well I’m okay with that moniker. When I read Jan Karon’s books The Mitford Series I feel like I’ve been wrapped in truth of the most unlikely hero and I feel like I’m part of this beautiful fictional family. But this book of gathered prayers and sermons from “Father Tim” spoke so deeply to me. Jan Karon, you are truly gifted!
  • These are some of my favorite devotionals, by very gifted authors! Savor and Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequest, she is young, but she GETS IT and she loves food, my girl! And these are beautiful gift devotionals by Karen Ehman, Karen probably doesn’t remember me, she and I met before I was married. I did contract work for a Women’s ministry called Hearts at Home; amazing years, amazing women! Pressing Pause and her newest Settle My Soul (I could use a little “soul settling” about now).
  • My dear friend Wendy, who knows me so well, gave a copy of this book to me for Christmas. I’ve been LOVING it’s simplicity, deep Biblical truths, journaling space and spot on morning and evening prayers A Diary of Private Prayer.
  • And for the creative mom, I love these adult coloring books! Take a browse at this one and this one, a couple of my faves. Beauty in the Bible and Be Blessed. My favorite colored pencils and pens


 And in case you need some recipe inspiration, here is a link my Favorite Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes all in one location!

Mother's Day Recipes | www.thefreshcooky.com

I have many more items to share, but I’m already so late getting this out! Wish a mom Happy Mother’s day this Sunday. And if this gift guide was helpful, please share it.

Kathleen Pope, The Fresh Cooky.

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  1. What a lovely list of gift suggestions. You and I share many loves, not the least of which being tea! I love all your tea gift ideas, as well as your pampering and inspirational gift ideas. You clearly have honed your gift giving skills! Thanks for the ideas, my friend.